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Why am I tired all the time?

Why am I tired all the time?

“I’m tired,” seems to be a common sentiment in our society today. How many times do you grumble and groan when the alarm goes off in the morning? Whether due to a busy schedule, lack of quality sleep, or some other reason, fatigue isn’t good for you — and if you frequently feel tired, it may be time to investigate the cause.

Let’s take a look at some common reasons for regular fatigue:

  • Caffeine and chocolate consumption at night. We all know caffeine can interfere with sleep, but still many of us have that last cup of coffee around the dinner hour. The National Sleep Foundation says your body needs six hours to process (and eliminate) half of the caffeine you consume. So, if you’re having coffee or tea with your dessert at the dinner table, half of that caffeine is still in your body well past midnight. Chocolate also contains caffeine, as well asanother stimulant called theobromine, which can definitely interfere with your ability to sleep. Your safest bet is to avoid caffeine and chocolate after 2 p.m.
  • Alcohol. Yes, it’s commonly believed that alcohol will “knock you out” at night, allowing you to sleep better. But research shows that although you may fall asleep quickly, alcohol prevents your body from entering deep, restorative sleep for several hours. Bottom line: the day after you drink, you wake up exhausted.
  • Exercising in the evening — or not at all. If you work out at night and have trouble sleeping, it may be time to re-think your daily routine. Exercise is an excellent way to improve your health and your sleep quality, but if you’re doing it right before bed, it might be too stimulating for you. See if you can find a way to fit your workout into the morning and go to bed earlier. If you aren’t exercising at all, it’s a great time to start. You may find it to be one of the best cures for insomnia.
  • Undiagnosed medical conditions. Thyroid problems, nutrient deficiencies, anemia, depression, sleep apnea, and even diabetes can wreck your sleep, making you feel zombie-like on a daily basis. See your primary care physician yearly or as recommended, and talk with him or her about any symptoms you’re having. Most of these conditions can be easily detected and treated with your doctor’s help.

Fatigue should not be accepted as normal or healthy. If you feel tired most or all of the time, talk with your physician. Together, you can come up with a solution to get your energy and your life back.

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