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Choosing a doctor is one of the most important health decisions you’ll make. Our find a doctor tool can assist you in choosing one of our highly skilled physicians and health care professionals. You’ll find doctors who’ve received national Top Doctor recognition practicing here. Each member of our team of doctors and medical professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional, collaborative, coordinated care so that you can realize better health and wellness throughout your life.

* Only CarePoint Health Medical Group Physicians are currently listed with the insurance filter. Please contact the affiliated physicians’ offices directly for additional insurance information.

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AAbduakhadov, Olga A., MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthAbed, Mary , MD CardiologyAbraham, James V., MD Emergency MedicineAbramowitz, Joel , MD UrologyAbubakar, Shaik , MD Family MedicineAcevedo, Chloe N., MD Obstetrics & GynecologyAdamian, Maria , CRNA AnesthesiologyAdibe, Sebastian O., MD Orthopedic SurgeryAdin, David R., MD Pain ManagementAfonso, Tania , DO Emergency MedicineAgarwal, Ankush , MD Internal MedicineAgarwala, Ajay , MD CardiologyAguilar, Raul , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyAhad, Antwan , MD NeurologyAhmad, Muhammad , MD CardiologyAhmad, Ahsanuddin , MD CardiologyAhmad, Tabassum , MD RadiologyAhmed, Umrana , MD NephrologyAhmed, Tayyaba , MD Rehabilitation MedicineAhmed, Mutahar , MD Urology, General SurgeryAhn, Michael , DO Obstetrics & GynecologyAikawa, Taro X., MD RadiologyAkhtar, Shahnaz , MD Internal MedicineAkpalu, Daniel , MD PediatricsAlam, Parvez , MD Internal MedicineAli, Sabia , MD Family MedicineAli, Sarfaz , MD PathologyAli, Rehan B., MD Pain ManagementAlizade, Azer , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyAlshafie, Tarek A., MD Vascular SurgeryAly, Sayed , MD PediatricsAman, Chaudhry S., MD Critical Care, Pulmonary & Sleep MedicineAmeen, Abdul , MD CardiologyAmin, Samir R., MD Family MedicineAmin, Deepak K., MD Internal MedicineAmponsah, Kwame , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyAmsellem, Melissa , PA-C Emergency MedicineAnam, Sadrul , MD PediatricsAncevska-Taneva, Natasa , MD AnesthesiologyAnnillo, Donna A., DPM PodiatryAnselmi, Gregory , MD NeurologyArago, Angelito , MD General SurgeryArcot, Karthikeyan M., MD, MBBS NeurologyArdakani, Navid A., MD RadiologyArginteanu, Marc S., MD NeurologyArmas, Holger G., MD Internal MedicineAshley-Smith, Angela E., APN-C Internal MedicineAshraf, Imran , MD Orthopedic SurgeryAsif, Mohammad , MD CardiologyAugustin, Jeffrey F., MD Orthopedic SurgeryAvery, William B., MD AnesthesiologyAyoub, Mona A., MD PediatricsAzer, Wageeh , MD General SurgeryAzoia, Christina T., PA-C Emergency MedicineAzzolini, Thomas J., DPM General Surgery, PodiatryBBaas, Sherlaine M., NP Geriatric Medicine, Family MedicineBabu, Ramesh P., MD NeurologyBadin, Michel , MD Hematology/OncologyBadin, Simon , MD Hematology/OncologyBadr, Amel A., MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthBadri, Homan M., DPM PodiatryBagade, Vivek L., MD Internal MedicineBajwa, Ghulam M., MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthBaker, Iyad , MD Family Medicine, PediatricsBaker, Zeyad , MD PediatricsBaker, Azzam , MD PediatricsBakhaty, Abdel R., MD General Surgery, Pain ManagementBalacco, Leonard , MD Family MedicineBaptiste, James , APN Family MedicineBaptiste, Nicole B., MD Obstetrics & GynecologyBarnett, Vicki A., PsyD Psychology, Behavioral HealthBarrera-Tolentino, Felicisima G., MD PediatricsBarrios, Tomas , MD PediatricsBaruch, Michael I., MD Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryBaruchin, Mitchell , MD CardiologyBastianelli, Milo , MD Ear, Nose & ThroatBatwara, Ruchika , MD NephrologyBedri, Mazen I., MD Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryBeggs, Donald , MD Infectious DiseasesBehin, Babak , MD Ear, Nose & ThroatBelarmino, Gladys Ann, APN CardiologyBella, Elizabeth A., APN-C Family MedicineBellomo, Spartaco , MD Infectious DiseasesBen-Meir, Ron S., DO Rehabilitation MedicineBenitez, Olga , MD Family MedicineBenz, Michael , MD CardiologyBest, Geraldine S., APN - C Family MedicineBey, Omar , MD Pulmonary DiseasesBhat, Kiran L., MD Neonatal - Perinatal MedicineBhatnagar, Tanuj , MD Pulmonary DiseasesBinsol, Ricardo Q., MD PathologyBitan, Fabien D., MD Orthopedic SurgeryBlank, Ellen , MD DermatologyBlatt, Kenneth , MD RadiologyBloshteyn,  Marina , APN Community HousecallBoghossian, Jack , MD Infectious DiseasesBoiardo, Richard A., MD Orthopedic SurgeryBookbinder, Ronald L., MD Emergency MedicineBorghini, Margarita , MD Internal MedicineBorja, Manuel L., MD Obstetrics & GynecologyBorker, Sonia V., DO Family MedicineBoulos, Mona , MD PediatricsBoyd, Clara D., MD NeurologyBoyd, Samantha , DPM PodiatryBoylan, Edward , MD Internal MedicineBoylan, Joseph P., DPM PodiatryBraatz, Timothy P., MD RadiologyBradley, Douglas D., MD Orthopedic SurgeryBrahmbhatt, Ravikumar , MD Robotic SurgeryBrandt, Frederick , MD RheumatologyBraunstein, Steven , MD OphthalmologyBraunstein, Larry , MD RadiologyBrisson, Paul M., MD Orthopedic SurgeryBrnouti, Fares , MD NeonatologyBrooks, Ira M., MD Internal MedicineBrown, Mitchell L., JD, MD Internal Medicine, Geriatric MedicineBrown, Justin , MD DermatologyBrowning, Jared C., MD RadiologyBrun, Darlene , APN Community HousecallBryan, Gregory , MD AnesthesiologyBurghauser, Alan H., MD Pulmonary DiseasesBurkholz, Kimberly J., MD RadiologyButterman, Clifford J., MD PediatricsBuwen, James , DO General SurgeryCCabales, Victor L., MD Internal MedicineCabales, Arthur L., MD Internal MedicineCabreros, Antonio T., MD PathologyCacace, Cataldo P., MD UrologyCadoo, Lisa K., MD Internal MedicineCaldemeyer, Karen S., MD RadiologyCaldwell, Kathleen V., MD RadiologyCallaway, Edward , MD RadiologyCam, Jenny G., MD EndocrinologyCampbell, Joseph , MD CardiologyCanning, Mark A., APN-C Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthCapone, Giuliana , PsyD Psychology, Behavioral HealthCarbonello, Justin M., MD AnesthesiologyCaride, Peter , MD GastroenterologyCarunchio, Michele J., DDS, MD Oral SurgeryCasia, Jeffrey , MD PediatricsCatalano, Mariano , MD PediatricsCavazos, Cristina M., MD RadiologyCenon, Pearl L., MD PediatricsCerio, Dean R., MD Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryCervenak-Panariello, Betty , MD OphthalmologyCesar, Carlos E., MD Emergency MedicineChae, Young S., MD PediatricsChalfoun, Charbel T., MD Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryChalikonda, Bhavani P., MD Pediatrics, Emergency MedicineChan, Florence Y., MD Vascular SurgeryChang, Kenneth , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyChang, John K., MD RadiologyCharles, James , MD NeurologyChaudhary, Yasmeen A., MD Rehabilitation MedicineCheatam, Consetta M., MD Obstetrics & GynecologyChen, Yan Q., PA-C Emergency MedicineChiara, Bianca A., MD Family MedicineChinai, Ronak , MD Internal MedicineChoi, Jea K., MD Internal MedicineChoudhary, Anjali , MD Internal MedicineChoudhry, Hammad S., MD Internal Medicine, NephrologyChu, Daniel Y., DO Emergency MedicineCiechanowska, Margaret , MD EndocrinologyCiechanowski, George J., MD Pulmonary DiseasesCoccaro, John , MD Emergency MedicineColeman, Reginald , MD PediatricsColenda, Maryann J., MD Pediatrics, Allergy and ImmunologyCondo, Dominick , MD Internal Medicine, Geriatric MedicineConrad, Jr., Anthony , PA-C General SurgeryConsolmagno, Margarite , APN NeurologyConstantino, Edwin M., MD Rehabilitation MedicineConte, Louis J., DO Ear, Nose & ThroatCooper, Sanford , MD NephrologyCosta, German , MD General SurgeryCostomiris, Robert , MD CardiologyCricco, Jr., Carl F., MD UrologyCrouch, John E., MD RadiologyCruz, Merle C., MD CardiologyCruz, Wilfredo , MD Family MedicineCruz, Marcos , MD NeurologyCurtis, Bernadette R., MD RadiologyDD'Alberti, Claudio F., MD OphthalmologyD'Amato, Thomas , MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthDahrouj, Nabil I., MD PediatricsDailey-Sterling, Felix G., MD CardiologyDakhel, Mahmoud , MD RadiologyDamle, Vasanti J., MD Hematology/OncologyDamle, Jagadish V., MD CardiologyDaniel, Ralph , PA-C Orthopedic SurgeryDann, Phoebe H., MD RadiologyDarbouze, Jean R., MD Internal MedicineDarvish-Mahtabfar, Mahnaz , Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthDatta-Bhutada, Subhashree , MD NeonatologyDavis, Thomas N., MD RadiologyDavis, Sampson M., MD Emergency MedicineDavis-Phinn, Micaella M., MD AnesthesiologyDe La Cruz, Leo A., MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthDe la Rosa, Rita G., MD PediatricsDe La Torre, Andrew N., MD, FACS Hepatobiliary Surgery and Cancer CareDe Leon, Zorayda O., MD Internal MedicineDe Santis, Maryann , MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthDedousis, John , MD Internal MedicineDel Monte, John B., DPM PodiatryDelamota, Jessica I., DO AnesthesiologyDeLauro, Nicole M., DPM PodiatryDelgado, Dagmar , APN - C, MSN, RN Geriatric MedicineDeMarco, Angelo A., MD Family MedicineDen Bleyker, Leonard A., DPM PodiatryDeRoo, Teresa A., MD RadiologyDesai, Vijaya S., MD PediatricsDesai, Chaitanya M., MD Emergency MedicineDesai, Bankimchandra , MD Internal MedicineDesai, Hemali J., MD RadiologyDeshpande, Jyoti M., MD PathologyDhadwal, Ajay K., MD Vascular SurgeryDiaz, Orfelina R., DPM PodiatryDick, Leon , MD General SurgeryDiGioia, Julia M., MD General SurgeryDiPoce, Jason M., MD RadiologyDiru, Happiness , PA-C Emergency MedicineDobesh, David P., MD CardiologyDonnelly, Kerri S., PA-C Emergency MedicineDoria, Gianne M., APN-C Family MedicineDoucette, Amanda M., MD AnesthesiologyDrey, Iris A., MD Orthopedic SurgeryDruck, Mark , MD Hematology/OncologyDuhl, Adam J., MD Obstetrics & GynecologyDungo, Joven P., MD CardiologyDupont, Paul G., MD RadiologyDvorzhinskiy, Olga , MD PathologyDworkin, Diane , DPM Podiatry, Wound CareEEconopouly, Demetrios S., DPM PodiatryEdson, Steven B., MD RadiologyEl-Gazzar, Yaser S., MD Orthopedic SurgeryEl-Gendi, Hebah S., PA-C Orthopedic SurgeryEl-Saheli, Ali , DPM PodiatryElamir, Mazhar E., MD Pulmonary DiseasesElamir, Mohammed E., MD Internal MedicineElhagaly, Hatem M., MD PediatricsElias, Sameh S., MD Internal MedicineElias, Nivin , MD Family MedicineElkind, Barry M., MD CardiologyEltemsah, Nagi I., MD PediatricsEndaya-Aguila, Thelma , MD PediatricsEngel, Margaret A., MD NephrologyEnriquez, Melissa , MD Emergency MedicineEpstein, Wayne , PDM PodiatryEramian, Robert G., DDS Dentistry, ProsthodonicsEscono-Quiambao, Cherrielyn B., APN NeurologyEsposito, Michael P., MD Urology, General SurgeryEstephan, Amir , MD Emergency MedicineFFactor, Steven , MD NeurologyFahmy, Samir A., MD Emergency MedicineFajardo, Gil V., MD Family MedicineFalco, Amanda C., PA-C Emergency MedicineFaraz, Haroon , MD Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional CardiologyFarkas, Jeffrey , MD RadiologyFassihi, Amir , MD RadiologyFernandez, Osbert , MD Obstetrics & Gynecology, Robotic SurgeryFernandez-Obregon, Adolfo C., MD DermatologyFigueroa, Marciano A., MD Family MedicineFilippone, Mark A., MD Rehabilitation MedicineFinkelstein, Barry I., DPM PodiatryFishman, S. Jose , MD DermatologyFlorentino, Hector , MD Internal MedicineFlores, Mary J., APN-C Geriatric Medicine, Family MedicineFobben, Edward S., MD RadiologyFogari, Robert A., MD RheumatologyFogliani, Robert J., MD Emergency MedicineForouzesh, Avisheh , MD Infectious DiseasesForrester, Glenn J., MD General SurgeryFrank, Schail C., DPM PodiatryFriedlander, Marvin E., MD Neurology, NeurosurgeryFritz, Joel A., DO Family MedicineGGabriel, Emad M., DPM PodiatryGadhvi, Pragnesh H., MD CardiologyGallanter, Barry J., DPM PodiatryGandhi, Kirit , MD Internal MedicineGandolfi, Brad M., MD Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryGarcia, Andrew M., MD OphthalmologyGarcia, Steven J., MD Family MedicineGarcia, Christopher M., MD RadiologyGarrison, Jordan M., MD General SurgeryGaspard, Henry C., MD General SurgeryGauriloff-Rothenberg, Jane , MD RadiologyGewolb, Eric B., MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthGhali, Anwar Y., MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthGhobraiel, Raafat T., MD Internal MedicineGhotra, Navjot , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyGhuman, Damanjit K., MD Hematology/OncologyGiammarino, Theresa , PA-C Orthopedic Surgery, Spine SurgeryGibilisco, Raffaele A., MD GastroenterologyGirgis, Magdy S., MD AnesthesiologyGlasnapp, Angela J., MD General SurgeryGlickman, Leonard , MD Urology, General SurgeryGo, Richard A., MD Infectious DiseasesGoel, Narender , MD NephrologyGoldberg, Grigory , MD Orthopedic SurgeryGoldsmith, Peter M., MD RadiologyGoldstein, Steven C., MD GastroenterologyGoldstein, Craig R., DO NephrologyGonda, Kate R., PA-C Emergency MedicineGonzalez, Francisco D., MD Family MedicineGonzalez, Lily W., MD Obstetrics & GynecologyGonzalez, Jr., Juan A., MD General SurgeryGooding, Britta , MD RadiologyGoris-Hernandez,  Joselina , APN Community HousecallGoswami, Ayan , DPM PodiatryGoyal, Ajay , MD General SurgeryGramatica, Nelson , APN Community HousecallGranata, Mark , DPM General Surgery, PodiatryGrandhi, Sreeram , MD CardiologyGrantham, Christopher A., MD Emergency MedicineGrasso, Michael A., MD NephrologyGressock, Joseph , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyGroves, Danielle , MD Rehabilitation MedicineGupta, Shabnam , MD NephrologyGupta, Bhavna D., MD Hematology/OncologyGupta, Vipan K., MD Internal MedicineGurland, Keith G., MD OphthalmologyGutstein, Laurie , MD RadiologyHHaddad, Danny B., MD NephrologyHaddad,, Bassam M., MD NephrologyHahn, John C., MD GastroenterologyHajal, Hussam , MD NephrologyHall, Stephen C., MD Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryHaller,, Sarah , DPM Podiatry, General SurgeryHanhan, Ziad G., MD General SurgeryHanna, Mina , DPM Podiatry, General SurgeryHanna, Amir H. A., MD Neurology, PediatricsHanna, Rafik E., MD Emergency MedicineHanna, Mamdouh S., MD Anesthesiology, Pain ManagementHannallah, Benyamin A., MD CardiologyHaque, Nadeem U., MD Internal MedicineHefferan, James J., MD CardiologyHeideman, Alan J., MD RadiologyHeitman, Donald E., MD Orthopedic SurgeryHendi, Jennifer M., MD RadiologyHenry, Charles S., MD RadiologyHerman, Kenneth L., DO Emergency MedicineHerrera, Jr., Saturnino D., MD Internal MedicineHershkin, Paige B., DO OphthalmologyHidalgo, Maria d-C., MD Internal MedicineHill, Charity , MD Rehabilitation MedicineHo, Maria T., MD Emergency MedicineHo-Laumann, Nancy N., MD RadiologyHoffman, Mark A., MD Internal MedicineHorniacek, Lubov , PA-C Emergency MedicineHosay, Jr., John J., MD UrologyHosler, Matthew R., MD, PhD OphthalmologyHou, Huiying , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyHriso, Emmanuel , MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthHsieh, Jeffrey , DO AnesthesiologyHugo, Manuel C., MD PediatricsHupart, Preston A., DO CardiologyHyman, Francine , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyHyman, Martin C., MD Obstetrics & GynecologyIIacovone, Jr., Frank , MD CardiologyIannuzzi, Peter J., DPM PodiatryIbrahim, Joseph G., MD Pain ManagementIbrahim, Mary I., MD Internal Medicine, Pain ManagementImm, James T., MD Emergency MedicineInguaggiato, Anthony J., MD, P.C. CardiologyInnella, Robin R., DO Orthopedic SurgeryIrfan, Mohammad , MD Internal MedicineIsaac, Roman , MD Orthopedic SurgeryIsidro, Jr., Jose R., MD AnesthesiologyIslam, Javedul M., MD Family MedicineItondo, Rita P., APN-C Emergency MedicineIyengar, Devarajan P., MD Hematology/OncologyIyengar, Arjun D., MD, MBA Internal MedicineJJacob, Tony , PA-C Orthopedic SurgeryJacobs, Abbie D., MD Family MedicineJacoby, Jacob H., MD, PhD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthJadun, Wamiq , MD PediatricsJain, Nikhil K., MD RadiologyJain, Deepika , MD Nephrology, Internal MedicineJamal, Sameer M., MD ElectrophysiologyJamil, Imran A., MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthJauregui, Elena R., MD Family MedicineJaved, Mohammad T., MD CardiologyJedlinski, Zbigniew J., MD PediatricsJohn, Jeani E., MD PediatricsJohnson, Keith P., MD Orthopedic SurgeryJones, Caitlin M., MD Emergency MedicineJones, Norman E., MD RadiologyJonna, Siva P., MD Pediatrics, Emergency MedicineJonnalagadda, Vasudeva R., MD Nephrology, HypertensionJonnalagadda, Padmavathi , MD Internal MedicineJurado, Jerry L., MD Family MedicineKKachadourian, Anise A., MD Hematology/OncologyKaki, Sushma R., MD PediatricsKalra, Ritesh , MD Internal MedicineKamesan, Janani , MD RadiologyKanengiser, Bruce E., MD OphthalmologyKao, Sen-Pin , MD AnesthesiologyKao, Tom K., MD AnesthesiologyKaplan, Richard T., MD RadiologyKapoor, Ashish V., MD NeurologyKapoor, Vinod , MD NeurologyKarpman, Jesse , MD Pulmonary DiseasesKatdare, Umesh , MD CardiologyKatsetos, Suzanne , MD Emergency MedicineKatsman, Tatyana , DO Family MedicineKatz, Arthur M., MD DermatologyKavic, Thomas A., MD RadiologyKazmi, Ahsan Mahmood, MD Internal MedicineKerns, Scott R., MD RadiologyKerr, Eric S., MD UrologyKessler, Howard B., MD RadiologyKeswani, Deepak P., MD Internal MedicineKhalil, Steve I., MD NephrologyKhan, Musaid A., MD NeurologyKhan, Taj G., DO OphthalmologyKhan, Ibraheem J., MD AnesthesiologyKhan, Noroze , MD Infectious DiseasesKhan, Guli N., MD Internal MedicineKhanna, Arati , MD RadiologyKhasak, Dmitry , MD DermatologyKhatib, Amira , MD PediatricsKhatod, Elaine G., MD RadiologyKhoury, Aldo , MD Neonatal - Perinatal MedicineKhoury, Hani A., MD Colon and Rectal SurgeryKifaieh, Nizar S., MD Emergency MedicineKim, Anne , MD Radiation OncologyKim, Heesun N., MD RadiologyKleyn, Michael , MD Internal MedicineKlisch, Gregory , MD RadiologyKlos, Andrzej , MD PediatricsKnepa, Valdone E., MD AnesthesiologyKnoth, Lori N., CNM Certified Nurse MidwifeKoch, Agatha C., RNFA Orthopedic SurgeryKocia, Orjeta , MD Internal MedicineKofman, Igor , MD General SurgeryKofsky, Stanton , MD RadiologyKohan, Feraydoon , MD CardiologyKolla, S.S. Krishna R., MD NeurologyKommana, Harisha , MD RadiologyKorangy, Shahin J., MD RadiologyKorsvik-Wysocki, Holly E., MD RadiologyKorya, Daniel , MD NeurologyKotb, Mohy Eldin A., MD Pediatrics, CardiologyKothari, Harish B., MD Pediatrics, Allergy and ImmunologyKotinsley, Benjamin M., MD RadiologyKotuski, Heather J., PA-C Emergency MedicineKozel, Joseph M., MD Pulmonary DiseasesKrause, Tyrone J., MD General SurgeryKrausz, David J., MD RadiologyKrish, Nagesh B., MD NeurologyKulkarni, Amy , MD RadiologyKulkarni, Kedar , MD RadiologyKumar, Harini C., MD Family MedicineKumar, Chitra , MD Hematology/OncologyKumaresan, Arulnangai , MD Internal MedicineKurani, Devendra , MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthKyin, Robin , MD AnesthesiologyKyreakakis, Anthony J., MD CardiologyLLa Rosa, Niurka , MD PediatricsLager, Sean L., MD Orthopedic SurgeryLahens-Dennis, Gisele , PA-C Emergency MedicineLaifook, Martina S., DMD DentistryLallo, Doreen , RNFA General SurgeryLamba, Renu , MD Hematology/OncologyLandry, Jonathan P., MD Emergency MedicineLanger, Lena , PA-C Emergency MedicineLanoue, Mark Z., MD RadiologyLarish, Yaniv , MD UrologyLatef, Sherif M., MD Emergency MedicineLatorre, Juan J., MD Family MedicineLazo, Jr., Angel A., MD Internal MedicineLebron, Carmen H., MD PediatricsLederer, Lisa A., CNM Certified Nurse MidwifeLee, Brian , DO AnesthesiologyLee, Clara K., DO Hospital MedicineLee, Sang O., MD Nuclear MedicineLefkowitz, Heather N., MD NephrologyLeon, Robert J., MD CardiologyLerner, Joel M., DPM PodiatryLerner, Michael B., DPM PodiatryLesser, Eric S., MD NeonatologyLevine, Howard , DO Family MedicineLevinson, Franklin N., MD PodiatryLi, Wei Wei, MD Allergy and ImmunologyLiff, Jeremy M., MD NeurologyLim, Jocelyn M., MD Internal MedicineLin, Esson , MD Emergency MedicineLiou, Wayne W., MD RadiologyLipkin, William J., DPM PodiatryLitinski, Mikhail B., MD Critical Care, Emergency MedicineLiu, En-Chia J., MD Pain Management, AnesthesiologyLoghmanee, Cyrus F., MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Hand SurgeryLogie, Chikaodili I., MD RadiologyLoh, Shi-Hong , MD Internal MedicineLongobardi, Stephen J., DPM PodiatryLopez, Juan , MD CardiologyLouis, Vely A., MD AnesthesiologyLovallo, Gregory G., MD Urology, General SurgeryLowe, Chun K., MD General SurgeryMMagno, Rebecca Marie, MD RadiologyMahmood, Saleem , MD Internal MedicineMaiello, Dominic J., MD RheumatologyMaimone, Raymond M., DPM PodiatryMajchrzak, Tadeusz J., MD Family MedicineMalabanan, Nerissa , MD PediatricsMalcolm, Therese A., MD Obstetrics & GynecologyMalhotra, Amit S., MD Internal MedicineMalik, Tayyaba K., MD PediatricsMalina, Haviva Y., MD Emergency MedicineMallon, Kristin A., CNM, BSN, MS, RNC Certified Nurse MidwifeManandhar, Lochana , MD Internal MedicineMangia, Anthony J., MD Infectious DiseasesMangunay, Nora R., MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthMann, Manpreet , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyManocchio, Stephen J., MD Infectious DiseasesMapp, Samuel E., MD General SurgeryMarchione, Victor L., MD Pulmonary DiseasesMarki, RIchard E., MD GynecologyMarrero, Luis C., MD NeonatologyMasson, Lalitha , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyMasson, Vivek , MD RadiologyMassoud, Bryan J., MD General SurgeryMastromonaco, Edward , DO Orthopedic SurgeryMasud, Avais , MD Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Internal MedicineMathew, Selvi Shaji, APN-C Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Internal MedicineMathew, Alexander J., MD CardiologyMatienzo, Ricardo M., MD Family MedicineMatta, Jyoti S., MD Pulmonary DiseasesMazzoni, Thomas F., DO Ear, Nose & ThroatMcDonnell, Kevin M., MD RadiologyMcGovern, Jr., Patrick J., MD Vascular SurgeryMcquilkin, George , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyMehta, Ariz R., MD Rehabilitation MedicineMehta, Harshna B., MD Allergy and ImmunologyMelotti, Michelle K., MD RadiologyMendez, Jorge G., MD Anesthesiology, Pain ManagementMendez, Carol B., MD Family MedicineMendoza, Joanne L., PA-C Emergency MedicineMenken, Gregory E., MD Neonatal - Perinatal MedicineMenon, Sujoy , MD RadiologyMian, Tariq M., MD AnesthesiologyMichael, Jonathan T., DPM PodiatryMichelson, Lorelle N., MD Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryMiglietta, Maurizio A., DO General SurgeryMilan, Ronald , MD Anesthesiology, Pain ManagementMilazzo, Carmelo , MD Internal MedicineMiller, Benetta , MD General Surgery, Breast HealthMiller, Kimberley S., MD RadiologyMiner, Brendan M., MD RadiologyMiqbel, Mohammad H., MD Family MedicineMir, Tansar N., MD Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryMirza, Muhammed H., MD Emergency Medicine, Internal MedicineMirza, Samina Y., MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthMishreki, Nader , MD PediatricsMitchell, Roxann G., CNM Obstetrics & GynecologyMitchell, Richard A., MD RadiologyMittal, Deepika , MD RadiologyMmereole, Robert U., MD Family MedicineMoise, Anson M., MD Anesthesiology, Pain ManagementMontalbano, Robert L., MD Emergency MedicineMontecalvo, Raymond M., MD RadiologyMontesano, Pasquale X., MD Orthopedic SurgeryMooneyhan, Heather L., CNM Certified Nurse MidwifeMoore, Frank M., MD Neurology, General SurgeryMoraille, Pascale , MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthMorais, Joshua D., MD RadiologyMorsy, Samah M., PA-C Bariatric SurgeryMoshet, Osama M., MD PediatricsMoszczynski, Zbigniew , MD General SurgeryMouded, Issam , MD UrologyMoussa, Ghias M., MD CardiologyMoustiaste, Adelia , MD Internal MedicineMoy, Anna S., DPM PodiatryMoy, Jonathan M., MD AnesthesiologyMughni, Azam , MD NephrologyMunne, Gisela , MD Internal MedicineMunoz-Llaverias, Altagracia A., MD PediatricsMurphy, John C., MD Family MedicineMushayandebvu, Taonei I., MD Reproductive Endocrinology, InfertilityMutterperl, Mitchell , MD Internal MedicineNNagendra, Param , MD PediatricsNasiek, Dariusz J., MD AnesthesiologyNatale, Benjamin P., DO OphthalmologyNatarajan, Sekar , MD Pulmonary DiseasesNazon, Marjorie C., PA-C Emergency MedicineNelson, Marie Y., DNP, FNP-C, APN-C Emergency MedicineNeno, Rosa M., DO Internal MedicineNguyen, Jim A., DO Family MedicineNicell, Donald , MD RadiologyNoreen, Shahla , MD PathologyNoroff, Joan P., MD DermatologyOO'Mallon, Lawrence J., DMD Dentistry, Oral SurgeryObradovic, Dragana , APN-C Hospice and Palliative MedicineOettel, David J., DO RadiologyOey, Theresia M., MD PediatricsOhngemach, Christoph , MD Pediatrics, Emergency MedicineOko, Piotr , MD PediatricsOrbelyan, Gerasim A., MD Emergency MedicineOttley, Janine A., APN-C Family MedicineOtto, Tara M., MD RadiologyOwusu, Solomon , MD Internal MedicineOzden, Aykut , MD Psychiatry, Neurology, Behavioral HealthPPadilla, Adrian , MD Internal MedicinePadkowsky, George , MD Internal MedicinePadkowsky, Adrian P., MD Internal MedicinePaduszynski, Adam , MD Family MedicinePagulayan, Sylvia R., MD Internal MedicinePalathingal, Rini , MD Hematology/OncologyPanariello, Anthony L., MD OphthalmologyPandya, Madhukar N., MD CardiologyPappas, Gregory A., MD UrologyParamonte, Susan F., APN-C Family MedicineParikh, Nitin , MD Internal MedicineParikh, Sudhir M., MD PediatricsParikh, Chaula A., MD PediatricsParshad, Sulekha , MD RadiologyPassafaro, Michael D., DO Emergency MedicinePassi, Rakesh K., MD CardiologyPatel, Rakhee , MD Obstetrics & Gynecology, Robotic SurgeryPatel, Ramiladevi , MD Internal MedicinePatel, Sujal P., MD Orthopedic SurgeryPatel, Deepan N., MD Orthopedic SurgeryPatel, Jayeshkumar S., MD Internal Medicine, NephrologyPatel, Amit A,, MD Hematology/OncologyPatel, Naresh J., DO Family MedicinePatel, Vinodkumar G., MD CardiologyPatel, Amish P., MD RadiologyPatel, Rattan M., MD Emergency MedicinePatel, Setu B., PA-C Emergency MedicinePatel, Arpit K., MD CardiologyPatel, Alpesh B., MD Cardiology, Interventional CardiologyPaternina, Juliana , DPM PodiatryPatterson, Stacey A., MD RadiologyPaul, Marc H., MD RadiologyPaulose, Lilly S., APN-C RadiologyPawliw, Myron , MD General SurgeryPaydar, Amir , MD RadiologyPedroso, Maura E., MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthPelosi, Jr., Marco A., MD GynecologyPenchuk, Michael C., DPM PodiatryPerera, Sharmalie , MD Pulmonary DiseasesPerez, Glenda , APN-C Internal MedicinePerez, Reynaldo T., MD AnesthesiologyPerez, Humberto T., MD Family MedicinePeriut, Richard , MD Pulmonary DiseasesPerlman, Michael D., DPM PodiatryPerlmutter, Barbara L., MD Internal MedicinePerry, Linda A., CNM Certified Nurse MidwifePerveen, Mahmoodah , MD Internal MedicinePetronella, Melissa A., PA-C Emergency MedicinePetrovich, Linda M., MD RadiologyPham, Peter H., DO Family MedicinePhilip, Shailendri , MD RadiologyPhung, Michael , MD Internal Medicine, CardiologyPhung, Susan , MD CardiologyPierog, Sophie H., MD PediatricsPierre-Pierre, Darlene D., PA-C General SurgeryPinal, Jose , MD Pulmonology, Internal MedicinePine, Martin S., MD Allergy and ImmunologyPolack, Noha , MD PediatricsPolitis, Regina , MD PediatricsPollak, Michael C., MD Internal MedicinePollak, Joseph A., MD Family Medicine, GeriatricsPopa, Anca , MD Orthopedic SurgeryPopovich, Joseph F., MD General SurgeryPopovitz, Leon E., MD Orthopedic SurgeryPormentilla, James , PA-C Emergency MedicinePortela, Margaret , DPM Podiatry, General SurgeryPotoczek-Salahi, Jolanta , MD Family MedicinePotter-McQuilkin, Dineasha M., MD Obstetrics & GynecologyPrasad, Nalini , MD NeurologyPresilla, Alejandro , MD Internal Medicine, CardiologyPrincipe, David , MD Neonatal - Perinatal MedicinePrvulovic, Tomi T., MD Pain ManagementPua, Zarah J., MD NeonatologyPunla, Paul B., PA-C Orthopedic SurgeryPurisima, Jonathan G., DPM PodiatryRRabines, Alfredo Leonardo, DO Emergency MedicineRaccuia, Joseph S., MD General SurgeryRafer, Ramon V., MD AnesthesiologyRafer, Lorenzo C., MD AnesthesiologyRaghu,, Shalini N., MD PediatricsRaha, Bandana , MD PediatricsRahman, Habeeb U., MD Infectious DiseasesRahulatharan, Rajasingha , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyRalph-Nelson, Natalie D., APN Obstetrics & GynecologyRam, Priti , MD RadiologyRamasamy, Kovil V., MD GastroenterologyRamirez, Elizabeth , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyRanasinghe, Nalin E., MD Emergency MedicineRangasamy, Ajantha , MD Internal MedicineRankin, Christopher D., DO Internal MedicineRao, Gautami , MD NeurologyRao, Juluru P., MD Orthopedic SurgeryRaskin, Jeffrey M., MD GastroenterologyRaskin, Adam B., MD CardiologyRastogi, Surender , MD Internal MedicineRastogi, Sadhna , MD Infectious DiseasesRaswant, Neil , DO Emergency MedicineRathi, Ravi N., MD CardiologyRatzker, Paul K., MD NeurologyRau, Ganesh U., MD OphthalmologyRavi, Anita , MD CardiologyRawal, Dewang , PA-C General SurgeryRay, Neelanjan , MD Internal MedicineRaza, Mahwish , MD AnesthesiologyReddy, Loka , MD Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryReese, Ronald , MD RadiologyReiner, Bruce I., MD RadiologyReisner, Michelle , MD Geriatric MedicineRentas, Twyla , APN-C Hospital MedicineResnick, Elizabeth C., PA-C Emergency MedicineRestivo, Carl , MD RheumatologyReuss, Peter , MD RadiologyRicciardelli, Jr., Emmanuel F., MD OphthalmologyRichard, Merwin , MD CardiologyRichard, Shambavi D., MD Hematology/OncologyRickman, Christopher E., MD RadiologyRiddle, Megan A., MSN, CNM Certified Nurse MidwifeRimmer, III, John J., DO Emergency MedicineRizvi, Anwar A., MD Internal MedicineRizvi, Masood A., MD Internal MedicineRoberson, Meika T., MD Emergency MedicineRobinson, Kelly A., MD Emergency MedicineRobinson, Lealon A., DMD Dentistry, Oral SurgeryRoblejo, Pedro G., MD UrologyRoque, Felix E., MD Anesthesiology, Pain ManagementRoque Dieguez, Hilda R., MD Internal MedicineRoss, Andre D., DPM PodiatryRossi, Peter S., DPM General Surgery, PodiatryRossi, Francis , DPM PodiatryRossin, Richard D., MD RadiologyRotella, Frank A., DO Family MedicineRothenberg, Deborah , PA-C General SurgeryRovno, Hazel D., MD RadiologyRoy, Vijaykumar , MD Internal Medicine, Hematology/OncologyRubin, Zdena , MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthRubin, Sharon F., PA-C General SurgeryRubinstein, Hector T., MD CardiologyRukshin, Vladimir , MD CardiologyRulnick, Adam D., MD RadiologyRusko, Valerie , PA-C Emergency MedicineSSadik, Aseel , MD Pulmonary DiseasesSafran, George F., MD Emergency MedicineSahgal, Puneet , MD Internal MedicineSalah-Eldin, Alaa A., MD GastroenterologySalam, Misbah U., MD Neurology, PediatricsSalazar, Karen L., PA-C Emergency MedicineSaleeb, Joseph S., MD Internal MedicineSaleh, Rany M., DO CardiologySaltzberg, David , DMD DentistrySalvaji, Madhu , DO CardiologySanderson, James , MD Family MedicineSandhu, Baldev S., MD Plastic & Reconstructive SurgerySandhu, Mohammad Y., MD CardiologySantana, Jose O., MD CardiologySantiago, Doris , APN Community HousecallSantiago, Emaus B., PA-C Orthopedic SurgerySapira, Valdi , MD Emergency MedicineSavci, Sariye , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyScalia, Joseph D., MD General SurgeryScalia, Ignatius , DMD Dentistry, Oral SurgeryScarpa, Nicholas P., MD RheumatologySchaeffer, Bradley , DPM PodiatryScharf, Richard C., DO Ear, Nose & ThroatScheff, Elizabeth , MD Obstetrics & GynecologySchiettino, David , DPM PodiatrySchoenfelder, Kaitlyn E., CNM, MSN, RN Certified Nurse MidwifeSchran, Seth , MD Rehabilitation MedicineSelnek, Megan B., PA-C Orthopedic SurgerySeman, Ahmed B., MD Internal MedicineSerafino, Vincent , MD PediatricsSeungdamrong, Aimee M., MD Reproductive Endocrinology, InfertilityShaari, Jeffrey M., MD Ear, Nose & ThroatShaffrey, Julie K., MD RadiologyShafiq, Saima , MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthShah, Nazia , DPM Podiatry, General SurgeryShah, Sachin K., MD Pain ManagementShah, Hemant R., MD Family MedicineShah, Nrupa R., DPM PodiatryShah, Dilip , MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthShah, Deepak D., MD Internal Medicine, CardiologyShah, Rohitkumar I., MD Internal MedicineShah, Amit A., MD Anesthesiology, Pain ManagementShah, Ketan D., DPM PodiatryShah-Gibilisco, Syed M., MD Rehabilitation MedicineSharma, Ved P., MD Pulmonary DiseasesSharma, Shital , DPM PodiatrySheikh, Ednan , MD Anesthesiology, Pain ManagementShikiar, Steven P., MD General SurgeryShpitalnik, Larisa , MD Family MedicineShrestha, Manita , APN-C Hospital MedicineShrikhande, Allyson A. , MD Physical Medicine and RehabilitationShukla, Paresh , MD Internal MedicineShulman, Elliott L., MD UrologyShulman, Yale C., MD UrologySiddique, Muhammad , MD PediatricsSiddiqui, Waqar A., MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthSiegel, Wayne D., MD GastroenterologySikand, Vikram S., MD Emergency MedicineSimon, Michael , MD Internal MedicineSimon, Egbert A., MD Internal MedicineSimonson, Leslie , MD Family MedicineSimpson, Thomas E., MD General SurgerySingh, Vijayant , MD Internal MedicineSingh, David , MD RadiologySipzner, Robert J., MD NephrologySirajuddin, Syed K., MD Family MedicineSison, Raymund Vincent S., MD Infectious DiseasesSison, Edwin Ryan R., MD AnesthesiologySkariah, Anne , APN-C Internal MedicineSklower, Jay , DO Family MedicineSkroce, Linda C., MD Pediatrics, NeonatologySladky, Joerg M., DDS DentistrySmith, John J., MD Internal MedicineSmith, Peter L., MD RadiologySmith, Josephine A., APN-C Family MedicineSnady, Harry W., MD GastroenterologySonners, Adina I., MD RadiologySorkin, Jonathan A., DPM PodiatrySorkin, Craig I., APN-C Family MedicineSosa, Margaret , APN Community HousecallSotiriadis, John , MD, PhD Gastroenterology, HepatologySpivak, Dana , MD Family MedicineStaltare, Gina M., CRNFA General SurgeryStavropoulos, Christos , MD, FACS Thoracic SurgeryStedman, Martin J., MD UrologySteigman, Elliot G., MD UrologySteinberger, Alfred A., MD NeurologyStewart, John E., MD RadiologyStock, Briarly A., PA-C General SurgeryStoopack, Paul M., MD GastroenterologyStrell, Robert F., MD Rehabilitation MedicineStrong, Benjamin W., MD RadiologySu, Sherwin L., MD Orthopedic SurgerySuczewski, Edward J., MD Internal MedicineSuczewski, Thomas J., MD Internal MedicineSugrue, Leila , APN-C Internal MedicineSuh, John Y., DPM General Surgery, PodiatrySuliaman, Fawzi A., MD Pediatrics, Allergy and ImmunologySullivan, Brian S., DPM PodiatrySultan, Ronald R., MD General SurgerySuri, Nipun , MD Internal MedicineSussman, Arlene , MD RadiologySwingle, Christine P., PA-C Orthopedic SurgeryTTaha, Salah H., MD Vascular SurgeryTaha, Abdallah R., MD General SurgeryTahzib, Munirih N., MD, FAAP PediatricsTakhalov, Yuriy , MD Pulmonary DiseasesTan, Manuel R., MD Emergency MedicineTaranto, Elizabeth K., RPA-C Emergency MedicineTaubman, Jessica , MD Family MedicineTchorbajian, Kourkin , MD OphthalmologyTennenbaum, Steven Y., MD Pediatrics, UrologyTeodoro, Paul C., MD Family MedicineTepler, Harold G., MD GastroenterologyTeraguchi, Kari J., MD PediatricsTesta, Jack , DPM PodiatryThaler, Bruce J., MD RadiologyThe, Tiong Gwan, MD Pediatrics, Emergency MedicineThomas, James , DO Emergency MedicineThomsen, Stephen , MD NephrologyThorne, Deborah L., PA-C Emergency MedicineThota, Sreevani , MD Internal MedicineTiwari, Ambooj , MD, MPH NeurologyTolerico, Christopher S., MD Emergency MedicineTracey, Gregory J., MD Family MedicineTran, Ann A., MD RadiologyTreskova, Erena , MD Pediatrics, GastroenterologyTrinidad, Altagracia A., MD PediatricsTsioulias, George J., MD General SurgeryTsompanidis, Antonios J., DO Family MedicineTurkel-Parrella, David , MD NeurologyTurner, James H., MD RadiologyTversky, Veronika , PA-C Emergency MedicineTyler, Ira M., MD RadiologyUUmali, Winston Caraos, MD PediatricsUpadhyaya, Hitendra , MD Hematology/OncologyVVaidya, Kamini P., MD PathologyVarallo, Marisa R., MD PathologyVarano, Catherine A., MD Emergency MedicineVarela, Linda , MD Emergency MedicineVaswani, Rani V., MD Internal MedicineVazir, Aman A., MD Pulmonary DiseasesVazquez, Pablo , MD Rehabilitation MedicineVega, Nahim P., PA-C Emergency MedicineVelpari, Sudarshan , MD Internal MedicineVerbitsky, Tatyana , CRNA AnesthesiologyVidali, Andrea , MD Obstetrics & GynecologyVijay-Sharma, Mayuri , MD NephrologyVillaluz, Valentin V., CRNA AnesthesiologyVillanueva, Leslie V., APN-C AnesthesiologyVinuela, Andres , MD Psychiatry, Behavioral HealthVisco, Alexander J., MD Rehabilitation MedicineVohra, Rishi , MD Emergency MedicineVora, Bhupendra N., MD OphthalmologyVreeland, Thomas H., MD RadiologyWWaheed, Ayesha , MD RadiologyWaldman, Steven P., MD Anesthesiology, Pain ManagementWallentine, Cynthia L., MD RadiologyWalter, Briza V., MD Obstetrics & GynecologyWang, Frederick T., MD RadiologyWang, Wilson , MD PediatricsWard, Elizabeth A., MD PediatricsWasty, Najam , MD CardiologyWaxman, Robert N., MD RadiologyWeaver, David S., RNFA General SurgeryWeber, Renata V., MD Hand SurgeryWeber-Lopez, Joseph W., MD, MS Sports MedicineWeissman, Michelle S. , MD Neonatal - Perinatal Medicine, NeonatologyWenger, Abraham , DMD DentistryWest, Gerald , DO Ear, Nose & ThroatWettimuny, Sashi , DO Internal MedicineWheeler, Ralph B., MD RadiologyWhiting, Christina M., CNM Certified Nurse MidwifeWignarajan, Kanaragayer R., MD Internal MedicineWignarajan, Nadika V., MD Internal MedicineWilcox, Ellis I., MD Pulmonary DiseasesWilliams, Richard A., MD General SurgeryWilliams, Raashan C., MD CardiologyWishnie, Peter A., DPM PodiatryWitt, Virginia M., MD Family MedicineWolke, Ira Stephen, MD, PhD RadiologyWolozen, John J., DO Family MedicineWong, William J., MD RadiologyWong, Peter J., MD CardiologyWoo, Eunice H., APN-C, RN, MS, NP-C, DNP Family MedicineWoods, Jr., Peter A., DO Emergency MedicineWu, Jung-Faug , MD AnesthesiologyWu, Duoping , MD AnesthesiologyWuu, Zukwung , MD AnesthesiologyYYao, Kevin , MD NeurologyYap, Joseph Jim E., MD AnesthesiologyYbasco, Albert C., MD RadiologyYee, Mei-Ling A., MD OphthalmologyYee, Sau Y., MD Emergency MedicineYeh, Shihlong S., MD Anesthesiology, Pain ManagementYorio, David S., DO Family MedicineZZak, Madeline , DO General SurgeryZakir, Ramzan M., MD CardiologyZaklama, Selvia G., MD AnesthesiologyZarlingo, Zauk F., MD RadiologyZauk, Adel M., MD NeonatologyZelikson, Dmitriy , DO Emergency MedicineZelinski, Jay M., DO GastroenterologyZhang, Li , MD, PhD PediatricsZinn, William L., MD RadiologyZinzuwadia, Shreni N., MD Emergency MedicineZnamensky, Vladimir , MD CardiologyZuback, Joseph R., DO RadiologyZubair, Mohammad A., MD Pulmonary Diseases
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