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Chronic Joint Pain: Why You Shouldn’t Let Joint Pain Hold You Back

Chronic Joint Pain: Why You Shouldn’t Let Joint Pain Hold You Back

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Remember those sunny after12:00 p.m.s on the golf course? Unfortunately, though, you haven’t swung a golf club in months, because of that painful hip. Or what about those long evenings on the dance floor before you twisted your knee? It’s hard to recall the last time you had that much fun.

Chronic joint pain can interfere with your favorite activities but it doesn’t have to be that way. Reaching out to your doctor about your pain is a to-do list item that is easy to put off, but the sooner you seek treatment, the quicker you can reclaim your active lifestyle.

If chronic joint pain is preventing you from enjoying activities you used to love, why is it so hard to find the motivation to deal with that pain once and for all? For one thing, it can be easy to minimize pain if it does not significantly affect your day-to-day functioning, even if it does interfere with your normal activity level.

However, addressing chronic joint pain before you reach that point is important for a number of reasons:

  • Seeking treatment sooner rather than later typically results in better outcomes.
  • Treatment is often simpler when the issue is new rather than after the injury has had time to worsen and develop complications.
  • It’s common to coddle a body part that is in pain, and this lack of use can lead to a loss in strength and function over time.
  • Pain is not always just physical. Living with pain, particularly if it prevents you from doing things that contribute to your well-being, can eventually lead to isolation and depression. Waiting to address the pain only prolongs these emotional and relational challenges.

Despite the clear benefits to addressing your chronic joint pain in a timely manner, reaching out for treatment can still seem daunting. You don’t have time to go to a bunch of appointments, especially if you have to drive a long distance to see a specialist. Maybe the only treatment option is a kind of surgery that will have you laid up for weeks. Taking a pain reliever right now is much more convenient, but it doesn’t get you back to your passion.

Fortunately, you can find the help you need right here in Hudson County. CarePoint Health offers excellent orthopedic surgeons close to home, which means appointments are nearby, cutting down on the time, hassle, and stress it would require to seek treatment farther away.

Whether your injury requires a simple outpatient procedure or a more intense treatment plan, CarePoint Health is more than just a surgical center. From the first pre-surgery checkup to the last day of rehab, all of your orthopedic care is provided under one roof by top-notch providers.

However, your chronic joint pain might not require surgery at all, and there are many other forms of effective treatment options. To help you navigate your specific treatment needs, CarePoint Health offers same day consultation for your chronic joint pain. Call today to start learning your options for a full and overdue recovery.

Don’t procrastinate.

Call 201.884.5329 today to start learning your options for a full and overdue recovery.

Your golf clubs have missed you.


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