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Biggest Loser trainers offer fitness tips for 2015

Biggest Loser trainers offer fitness tips for 2015

It’s now one month into the new year, and it’s becoming difficult for some to stick to their weight-loss New Year’s resolutions. If this includes you, don’t get down on yourself — get motivated! Stay positive about your goals, and refresh your drive to get fit in 2015 with these tips from trainers who host The Biggest Loser.

1. Do a quick workout before showering

We all lead busy lifestyles, and Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney admits that it’s difficult to fit a one-hour class in her day, too. When she can’t find time to do a full workout, Alison does sets of push-ups, sit-ups and planks before showering in the evening. Even if the workout only takes 10 minutes, she admits that she still feels the burn, and so will you. Plus, fitting in a quick workout will motivate you to think about doing more tomorrow.

2. See exercise as a part of what makes you feel stronger

Don’t get caught up in exercising simply to lose weight, since this practice can result in your having less motivation. Think about how working out makes you feel stronger and better overall. If you position your mind to think about how great you will feel as a result of sweating and boosting endorphins, you will feel more motivated to do it again.

“If you move because it makes you feel better, you’ll keep going — and your butt’s going to look good, too,” said Biggest Loser Trainer Jennifer Widerstrom.

3. Don’t make these resolution mistakes

Trainer Jennifer Widerstrom wants to make sure you don’t fall into the mistake of failing at keeping your New Year’s resolutions. Her advice: don’t do a fad diet, don’t take on too much too fast, and don’t leave the house without a snack. Make an effort to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating choices, make negotiable goals for working out, and always be prepared with a snack for your daily adventures.

4. Stick to realistic rules when devising a clean, nourishing diet

Trainer Bob Harper sticks to the following rules for food: stay away from sugar, plan ahead, and eat all three macronutrients in meals. Harper also suggests reading ingredients on food labels and thinking of food as medicine that sustains your body.

5. Keep your motivation high

It can be tough to think about motivating yourself, but if you follow these tips, you will find it easier than you think! First, get together with friends and make it a team effort to exercise together. Trainer Jessie Pavelka suggests picking one small change a day to not overwhelm yourself with too many things to do at once. Finally, remember that there is no expiration date on your health and wellness, so don’t get caught up in meeting a deadline.

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