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5 things every pregnant woman should have in her purse

5 things every pregnant woman should have in her purse

If you’re pregnant, you might already be thinking about your hospital bag that you’ll have ready to go in the third trimester. But have you considered a few handy items that you need in your bag right now? This might be a good time to say goodbye to that tiny wristlet and grab a larger purse or even a stylish backpack so you can carry your pregnancy essentials with you wherever you go.

Include these handy items in your purse now to help you stay comfortable throughout your pregnancy:

  1. Hand sanitizer. Being sick is bad enough when you’re not pregnant. But when you’re with child, it can be even worse. Pregnant women are at increased risk for complications from flu and other illnesses — and many over-the-counter remedies are not recommended during pregnancy. Stay away from sick people, wash your hands often, and use hand sanitizer when you can’t get to soap and water.
  2. A water bottle and a snack. If you’re on-the-go a lot, you need to make sure you’re staying hydrated. Keep some water on you to sip throughout your day. If you tend to get nauseous, having a healthy snack, such as some whole grain crackers, may come in handy to help with queasiness.
  3. Sunscreen. Pregnancy puts you at an increased risk of melasma, or darkening of the skin on the face. Although you may not be able to avoid it completely (especially if it runs in your family), minimizing your sun exposure will help reduce its effects. Apply sunscreen every two hours if you’re outside throughout the day. This is a great habit even if you’re not pregnant!
  4. Your cell phone — with your OB/GYN’s number programmed in. Don’t count on remembering your obstetrician’s phone number when you’re frazzled or worried. You may wish to add the number to your “favorites” list or put it at the top of your list of contacts. This way, you or a friend can quickly and easily call if you have questions — or if you think you’re in labor!
  5. Pantiliners. You may think you’re supposed to have a break from periods and that’s correct. However, increased vaginal discharge is normal during pregnancy, and you may be more comfortable if you can stay dry with some feminine supplies throughout the day. Keep in mind that any spotting, bleeding, or discharge with unusual texture or odor should be reported to your physician ASAP.

Having some pregnancy supplies handy may help you make those nine months go a little more smoothly. Try to enjoy the changes of pregnancy as much as you can, and take good care of your body as you nourish your growing baby.

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