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5 exercise programs for fitness beginners

5 exercise programs for fitness beginners

Starting an exercise routine can be mentally and physically challenging. Not only must you make time in your schedule to exercise, but you may also have to begin a program that seems foreign to you. However, exercise is important because it allows you to tone and work your muscles to keep your body healthy and in optimal shape.

If your health care provider says you’re healthy enough for physical activity, try one or all of these five programs:

1. Walking

Don’t dismiss walking as something you do to get around. Walking can be a great workout if you use it to gain strength and mobility. Walking requires little equipment, and is low impact, which makes the exercise easier on your body. Invest in a good pair of walking shoes and invite your friends along to encourage you to work harder and walk farther.

Tips to start: Begin walking 10 or 15 minutes each day and gradually add time, working toward a full 30-minute session. Don’t think about speed or pace in the beginning, and try using a fitness tracker to help you monitor your steps.

2. Aqua jogging

Walking and jogging in water can help those whose joints hurt when walking or jogging on land. Using a buoyancy belt can help keep you moving and working against the pressure of the water to help you build muscles and slim down.

Tips to start: Don’t touch your feet on the bottom of the pool as you aqua jog. It takes more effort to move your legs against the water, so start slowly, and increase your duration as you begin to feel more fit.

3. Group exercise classes

Developing a social support system is crucial to sticking with an exercise program, so why not join group classes? Group exercise classes focus on many different types of exercise routines, and can be fun and upbeat. Preview the classes you’re interested in by watching first, and getting a feel of how the instructor works with participants.

Tips to start: Introduce yourself to your instructor on your first visit to the class and explain you are new to the workout program. Your instructor will be able to give you feedback and encouragement, knowing you are open to learning and wanting to get fit.

4. Strength training

With benefits such as correcting poste issues and increasing the range of motion in your joints, strength training not only helps you build muscle, but boosts your metabolism as well. Try lifting weights at home, join a gym, or hire a trainer to learn which exercises you should start with and how to properly execute them.

Tips to start: If you join a gym, ask the gym staff to show you how to adjust the strength-training machines to your size and show you alternative exercises to work each muscle group. Start slowly, and don’t overdo it in the beginning. Strength training requires you to be able to consistently work at it without taking a week off from overdoing it.

5. Tai Chi

Tai Chi uses flowing movements to help you increase the range of motion in your joints and improve your balance. There is also a meditational aspect of Tai Chi that helps reduce stress and improves sleep to lose weight.

Tips to start: Preview the program just like with other group exercise classes, and ask the instructor if previous experience is necessary. In addition, inquire about the location of the classes. You will want to work out in a comfortable setting hosted at a park or a community center.

Learn more about each program on Weightloss.About.com.

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