What is an X-ray?
An X-ray is one of the oldest forms of medical imaging. It is a fast, easy, and safe way for your doctor to view and assess conditions ranging from broken bones to pneumonia. The type of X-ray your doctor would send you for depends on what part of your body needs examining and for what purpose.

How to prepare for the exam.
You may be asked to wear a gown during your exam, depending on the area that will be examined.  You may also be asked to remove jewelry, eyeglasses and any metal objects that could—like clothing—obscure the X-ray image.

Depending on the area being exposed, the technologist may have you wear a lead apron to shield your sex organs from exposure to X-rays.  The lead apron is used simply as a precaution.

Please notify the technologist if you are pregnant.

Contact information

  • Routine X-Ray at Bayonne Medical Center29 East 29th Street
    Bayonne NJ 07002
    Phone: 201.858.6572
  • Routine X-Ray at Christ Hospital176 Palisade Avenue
    Jersey City NJ 07306
    Phone: 201.795.8250
  • Routine X-Ray at Hoboken University Medical Center308 Willow Avenue
    Hoboken NJ 07030
    Phone: 201.418.1000