More than 182,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, the most common cancer among women worldwide. Recent advances in understanding the biology of breast cancer are helping women with breast cancer experience fewer side effects from treatment and live longer.

Patients receiving treatment for breast cancer at CarePoint Health are cared for by a multi-disciplinary team of physicians who meet regularly to review patients’ cases and plan courses of treatment.

Because most women discover they have breast cancer through a mammogram, it is vital for all women to have mammograms after age 50, and for some women to begin screening at age 40. For women with a strong family history of breast cancer, it could be important to begin screening even earlier. While mammography can indicate an abnormality, a diagnosis of breast cancer cannot be confirmed without a biopsy.

The most effective treatment for most breast cancers is often a combination of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and/or hormonal therapy. At CarePoint Health, we emphasize coordination among breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, and nurse.

Social workers, nutritionists and others are available during and after treatment to support patients and their families.

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  • Cancer Care at Bayonne Medical Center29 East 29th Street
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    Phone: 201.858.5364
  • Cancer Care at Christ Hospital176 Palisade Avenue
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  • Cancer Care at Hoboken University Medical Center308 Willow Avenue
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