What is Bone Density (DEXA)?
Osteoporosis, which causes a gradual and debilitating weakening of the bones, affects millions of people and is responsible for almost one million fractures each year. The risks associated with osteoporosis become more serious for people over the age of 50. As with many diseases, early detection and management are critical for favorable outcome and high quality of life. CarePoint Health uses the very latest technology, including a Dual Energy X-ray Absorptimetry, or DEXA Densitometer, to measure bone density. This enables our physicians to make early diagnoses and recommend a personalized course of treatment.

Accurate readings begin with state-of-the-art equipment
CarePoint Health’s sophisticated DEXA Densitometer for measuring bone density provides fast and extremely accurate readings of bone mineral density of the spine, femur, and forearm. It has a new fan beam that generates scans ten times faster than previous technology. Supine lateral scans of the lumbar spine are a routine part of our examination. This means we get more information and are better able to evaluate your specific situation. Furthermore, only metabolically active trabecular bone is evaluated, so that the exam is more sensitive to changes in bone density.

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