Prospective candidates for the TCU must meet the following admission criteria:

  • Have had a minimum of a three-day stay in an acute care hospital (applies only to Medicare patients at Bayonne Medical Center)
  • Require skilled nursing or rehabilitation services five days per week
  • Expect to be ready for discharge in eight days
  • An acceptable admitting diagnosis documented in the medical record
  • Not currently a resident of a long-term care facility

In order for a patient to gain admission to the TCU, the attending physician must write an order for referral.

If you have any questions pertaining to admission criteria or the process, please contact the associated Transitional Care Unit through the information below.

Contact information

  • Transitional Care Unit at Bayonne Medical Center29 East 29th Street
    Bayonne NJ 07002
    Phone: 201.858.5000
  • Transitional Care Unit at Hoboken University Medical 308 Willow Avenue
    Hoboken NJ 07030
    Phone: 201.418.2151