1. Didactic Grades
A. Course Name: Radiography I, II, III, IV, V, VI ( VI will have a different grading policy)
Semester Grade: 1 – Cumulative Final exam = 30%; 4 – Comprehensive test grades = 60%; weekly Quizzes = 10%
All Subject tests, quizzes, and exams will be averaged into one combined grade for each segment.

  1. Passing grade for each course is 80% per semester.
  2. Only 1 RETEST is allowed any Radiography I, II, III, IV, V, VI course – e.g. if Retested in RAD.II, you cannot be Retested again.
  3. Radiography VI grading policy: this final course is a comprehensive review of the ASRT curriculum in order to prepare the student to sit for the ARRT certification exam after graduating the program. The student will be graded on mock registry exams and Corectec online course quizzes as part of the final grade. Passing grade is 80 %. There is no Retest option for this final course. If the student fails to achieve a passing grade, they will not be allowed to graduate from the program.

B. Course Name: Radiographic Imaging I, II, III, IV
Semester Grade: 1- Cumulative Final Exam=30%; 2- Unit (Category) Test averages= 70%

  1. Unit (Category) Tests must equal 80% or above in order to begin lab demonstration and evaluation prior to beginning clinical competency evaluations
  2. Cumulative Exam will incorporate all category information to give a student who failed a category test the opportunity to pass and begin corresponding clinical competency evaluations
  3. Only 1 RETEST is allowed for Radiographic Imaging I, II, III, IV course, e.g. if Retested in Rad.Imag.II, you cannot be Retested again.

2. Remediation Plan for Failing Didactic Courses

  1. Students who are in danger of failing will be counseled, tutored, and monitored by the instructor teaching the failing subject. The student will be given an Anecdotal conference Request form to schedule tutorial. The results after tutorial will be documented on an Anecdotal Result form.
  2. students may also request tutorials with individual instructors in areas of weakness
  3. tutorials may be individual or group discussion
  4. RETEST: if a student fails a semester didactic course with a below 80% grade, they will be given a RETEST. Passing grade is 80% minimum and course grade for the semester will be documented as 80%.
    * A student must pass the Retest by 80% in order to remain in the program.

3. Clinical Grading for Competency Based Clinical Education Standards

  1. Semester Grade is Pass/ Fail
  2. Lab Evaluations = 85% pass grade; Clinical Competency Evaluations= 90% pass grade
  3. Lab Demonstration must be documented by student and instructor prior to beginning lab evaluations
    1. Junior Year: students are allowed to fail a maximum of 4 in total of laboratory or clinical competency evaluations each semester
    2. Senior Year: students are allowed to fail a maximum of 2 in total of laboratory or clinical competency evaluations each semester
    3. Clinical Probation: occurs when a student fails greater than the allowable number of failures per semester
    4. A student cannot be placed on clinical probation for More than 3 semesters consecutively. If the student fails the next semester, they will receive a failing grade for that next clinical semester and cannot remain in the program.

4. Remediation Policy for Laboratory or Clinical Competency Failures

  1. Any student failing will begin a remediation plan of action: see Remediation Plan Form based on NJBOE requirements for clinical educational failures
    *Examples of remediation plan before Reevaluation begins are:

    1. review of areas of weakness that caused the failure with instructor that teaches the subject material for didactic, psychomotor, or affective domains of learning
    2. do computer/ theory tutorial relating to area of weakness- time to be scheduled outside regular class or clinical time to help reinforce skills for clinical application
    3. after participating in strengthening areas of weakness, student will document the process in their own words to verify they comprehend their learning review
  2. Clinical Probation: students who demonstrate a weakness in clinical educational progress, will be scheduled to participate in additional clinical learning (outside their regular clinical/class time) in order to order to strengthen their skills which is the foundation of clinical competency based learning. The time will not exceed 40 hours per hours per week and will be under the guidance of clinical faculty.

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