The faculty of the CarePoint Health School of Nursing, in congruence with the mission of Christ Hospital, is committed to provide effective, quality nursing education to a culturally diverse student population representative of Jersey City and the surrounding communities. The School is an integral part of the community and the Faculty believes that by combining the resources and talent of all the members of the health care team, we can better serve and meet the health care needs of the population we serve.

The School prepares graduates who recognize and respect the pluralism and diversity of the cultures of the community we serve. Students are expected to strive for high quality professionalism and to act with integrity and demonstrate responsibility and honesty. Moreover, the values of social responsibility and community service are fostered through out the curriculum.

The faculty believes that:
Humans beings are multidimensional beings endowed with personal worth and dignity. Human dimensions encompass the physiologic, spiritual, self-concept, interdependence and role function modes. Human beings possess strengths that can be mobilized to meet needs throughout the life cycle. Needs are hierarchical and serve as motivators of behavior. Human beings are capable of making decisions and are accountable for their actions.

Society encompasses the environment in which human beings strive to achieve their potential. The environment consists of family, work, social groups and the global community. The common interest of shared norms, values, and mores impact on growth. Human beings and society are in a continuous process of evolving. As one interacts with the environment, behavior communicates beliefs, values and needs. Knowledge enables human beings to make informed choices.

Health is a changing phenomenon, affected by interactions among physical, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural, and environmental factors. It occurs on a continuum from wellness to illness. Wellness exists when the individual is able to function at his or her optimal health potential. Human beings possess a basic right to access to health care. Inherent in this right is respect for dignity and privacy and autonomous decision making regarding health care choices.

Nursing is both an art and a science. The art of nursing is practiced creatively, utilizing skills of communication, critical thinking and innovation to meet the complex health needs of human beings. Caring is salient to the art of nursing. The science of nursing is based on a body of knowledge that utilizes principles from the natural and behavioral sciences. The nurse participates in collaborative relationships with members of the health care team to provide holistic services to the client, family and community. With this foundation, nurses commit themselves to caring in a compassionate manner.

Nursing Education is an interactive process between teachers and learners in which there is an exchange of ideas. Learning proceeds from simple to complex. This requires the incorporation of previously acquired knowledge to empower students to utilize critical thinking in making sound clinical decisions. Faculty function as facilitators to foster learning by utilizing various strategies and techniques to accommodate students with diverse learning styles. Students are expected to participate actively in the educational process, to think critically and to be self directed. The School is committed to providing an environment conducive to this process. Learning is a life long process that is valued and required.

Recognizing the economic and cultural diversity of the community, the School provides affordable and quality nursing education to traditional and non-traditional students. The School of Nursing is committed to the welfare of the broader society by preparing individuals to play effective roles as citizens and to serve the greater community.

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