Upon completion of the Diploma in Nursing and Associate in Science Degree, the graduate will:

  1. Collaborate with members of the health care team in providing safe, quality care.
  2. Interrelate theories from nursing, humanities, biological and social sciences in the care of diverse individuals, families and communities.
  3. Function competently and safely within own scope of practice to deliver patient centered care.
  4. Practice from a spirit of inquiry utilizing evidence based practice in critical thinking and in the decision making process.
  5. Employ leadership and management skills in the care of individuals, families and communities.
  6. Practice within the legal and ethical parameters of the profession.
  7. Incorporate select information technology in the practice of nursing.
  8. Integrate quality improvement into the role of the professional nurse. 



  1. The program’s 3 year mean for the licensure exam pass rate will be at or above the national mean for the same 3 year period.
  2. Within 1 year of graduation and passing the NCLEX – RN Examination, 80% of graduates will be employed as Registered Nurses.
  3. Within 1 year of completion, 75% of responding graduates will express satisfaction with the program of study.
  4. Within 1 year of employment, 75% of responding employers will express satisfaction with graduates in the workplace.

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