To further enhance the podiatry medicine and surgery training and to fulfill other training requirements as established by the CPME, our residents participate in a number of training experiences outside of Hoboken UMC.  This allows them to work with Hoboken Staff podiatrists in non-hospital settings as well as exposing them to both medical doctors and podiatrists who are not on the staff of Hoboken UMC.  The most important example of this is the large volume of podiatric surgical cases that are performed at affiliated surgical centers.  The on-site Podiatrist Coordinators at these affiliated surgical centers are Hoboken UMC staff members some of whom have been involved in training at our program for more than 30 years.  Another example would be the physical rehabilitation rotation that occurs at Mile Square Physical Therapy in Hoboken, New Jersey.  Finally, office based rotations occur at private office locations in New Jersey with podiatric preceptors who are active staff members at Hoboken UMC.  Here the resident is immersed in a real world private practice experience that enhances their ability to successfully enter practice upon graduation.

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