Foot & Ankle Emergency Department Call
The Podiatry Division provides ongoing coverage for the Hoboken UMC emergency department, (ED), on a 24/7, 365 day a year basis.  As a community hospital, our ED patient pool includes a large percentage of foot and ankle trauma and infections.  The residents are actively involved in this care by triaging each foot and ankle case that admits to the ED and then working under the supervision of the Podiatric Attending on call and ED Physician to provide definitive care.  There are few podiatry training programs that expose their residents to the volume and complexity of emergency cases that are seen by the Hoboken UMC podiatry residents.  Patients who are uninsured or who have Medicaid coverage are often provided with continuing care at the Hoboken UMC Podiatry Clinic.  These same patients would have otherwise had great difficulty finding continuing care and would have likely engaged in treatment via multiple ED visits at a much greater expense to the healthcare system.

Podiatry Inpatient Service Call
The Podiatry Division also provides ongoing coverage for inpatient consultations on a 24/7, 365 day a year basis.  These consultations are requested by a variety of Medical Staff physicians for their private patients.  Again, these patients are given thorough history and physical examinations by the podiatry residents and are then provided with appropriate care along with and under the direct supervision of Podiatry Staff physicians.  The conditions treated cover a wide variety of diseases and pathology with a heavy emphasis on Diabetic infections, wound care and limb salvage.

Hoboken UMC Podiatry Clinic
For more than 15 years Hoboken UMC has maintained an ongoing Podiatry Clinic that is available to anyone in the community regardless of their ability to pay for care.  It is the only podiatry clinic of it’s kind in Hudson County.  While this division was originally conceived as a vehicle to provide a large volume of outpatient training for our residents it has also become an indispensible source of care for many Hudson County citizens who would have nowhere else to receive this type of care.  The residents are intimately involved in the care of these patients starting with the initial history and physical and then continuing throughout all their ongoing care.  They act as these patient’s primary podiatric physicians while always under the direct supervision of an attending Hoboken UMC Podiatry Staff physician.  This is a high volume clinic operating twice per week and providing approximately 2,500 patient visits per year.

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