Welcome to the Hoboken University Medical Center (Hoboken UMC) Podiatric Medicine Surgery Residency Program with added Credential in Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery (PMSR/RRA).  It is an exciting time to be the director of a program that is part of Hoboken UMC and the broader CarePoint Health System.  This is a dynamic system dedicated to bringing quality, patient-focused healthcare to Hudson County.  The Podiatry Division and the Podiatric Residency program has always been an integral part of Hoboken UMC over the past three decades and the current owners and administrators of the CarePoint System understand podiatry’s unique contribution to quality patient care and have continued to expand the depth and scope of podiatry services available within the system.

The residency program provides podiatric physicians diverse training in all aspects of podiatric medicine and surgery, along with direct clinical training in many relevant non-podiatric medical and surgical specialties.  There is tremendous clinical volume including numerous surgical cases involving both reconstructive foot and ankle surgery and foot and ankle trauma.  One of the residents is on call for the Emergency Department (ED) 24 X 7 and provides direct patient care for all foot and ankle trauma cases under the supervision of both podiatry attendings and ED physicians.  The hospital also operates a high volume Podiatry Clinic and a Wound Center and will soon offer hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

I maintain a private practice within Hoboken, NJ, that allows me to remain close to the hospital and involved in resident training on a continuous basis while my office functions as an offsite rotation location.  I however am only one of approximately 50 podiatric staff members at Hoboken UMC.  This large podiatry staff provides a pool of private patients for resident training within our hospital system that few other programs can match.

Hoboken itself is a vibrant exciting community that forms a wonderful backdrop to residency training.  Finally we offer an extremely generous salary structure and benefit program to our residents that is matched by very few residency programs in this area.  This allows residents to live comfortably during their three years of training and concentrate on their education.

We attract some of the best and brightest students to our program and if you want to become an accomplished foot and ankle surgeon and podiatric physician, then I invite you to visit our program.  Look under the Resident link for application information and contact email.

Thomas J Azzolini, DPM, DABPS, DABPM
Program Director, Podiatry Surgery Medicine Residency Program, Hoboken UMC
Chief Podiatry Division, Hoboken UMC
Director Podiatry Clinic, Hoboken UMC

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    Phone: 201.418.1658