Abbie Jacobs, MD
It is an exciting time to be involved in Family Medicine. As people continue to learn the important and crucial role family physicians play in our nation’s health, we continue to enjoy the important work we do. Although our core values in family medicine have not changed, we now have many more tools to care for our patients. The explosion of medical information makes critical thinking and efficient application to individual patient care ever challenging and always interesting. There is so much to learn that it is never boring! I have enjoyed my role as a teacher and the program director throughout the years, watching the residents thrive in their careers.

On a personal note, I live in Hoboken and have fun being a “family doc” in my community.

Puneet Babbar MD
As a family medicine physician, I find that our potential is limitless. My experience, throughout my career of over 13 years has been professionally rewarding, encompassing clinical, academic and administrative aspects of medicine.

In addition to practicing as a family doc, I am a certified Medical Review Officer, have worked as an Employee Health Physician, Medical Director of a hospital based ambulatory care site, and appointed faculty member to academic institutions, where I have had the privilege of participating in the education of residents and medical students. Most recently, in my prior position, I was Chief Medical Officer responsible for overseeing a large multispecialty health center and its satellite sites, while supervising a large clinical staff.

I bring this broad experience to Hoboken University Medical Center as the Medical Director of our outpatient medical home, and to the residency program in the form of a quality assurance and practice management curriculum to prepare confident residents as they transition from residency to reality. As their outpatient supervisor, I also work with our New York Medical College and Ross University School of Medicine medical school students on various practice and quality improvement projects.

We are skilled as family practitioners in comprehensive patient and family oriented medicine which allows us expertise in community-based care at an exciting time when primary care physicians are at the forefront of our health care system. I continue to be excited by the scope of this field and the potential it holds.

Steven Garcia, MD
Growing up locally, I have a strong sense of community that extends to all aspects of my practice. As a bilingual provider, on a daily basis, I experience the satisfaction of knowing that my patients have received a level of care and understanding that cannot be obtained when translators are necessary. I still enjoy seeing patients, and throughout my career I have sought to convey that excitement to all those that work with me.

Joel Latorre, MD
I was born in Chile and raised in Brazil. I have traveled extensively in both my professional and personal life, giving me the reputation of the world traveler in our group. Since medical school, my focus of interest has been HIV Primary Care. In this field I have found the opportunity to apply the Family Medicine philosophy to a new and exciting area of medicine.

In my role as the director of our HIV Program and as a Clinical Consultant for the federal government on HIV Medicine, I have had the opportunity to interact with individuals all over the country and abroad. My goal is to continue passing on my passion for this field to all of my patients, residents, and medical students.

John C. Murphy, MD
The most wonderful aspect of being a family medicine physician is not having the limitations of age or pregnancy status that restrict other physicians. I can take care of a young woman, her husband, and her elderly mother. When it is time for children, I can treat her during pregnancy, deliver the baby, and then treat the baby. There is no loss of continuity. Instead of being one of many doctors that a family visits, I can be the doctor for the entire family.

Marylin Pierre-Louis, MD
I grew up in New York and performed my family medicine residency, as well as my geriatric fellowship in New Jersey.

My particular areas of interest are bioethics and geriatrics. I look forward to working with patients with dementia and their families. Healthy aging is my focus and I work with seniors of all ages with complex medical problems. I have developed a Palliative Care Department at Hoboken University Medical Center. I teach our residents geriatric medicine, as well as end-of-life care. I am the Director of Continuing Medical Education at Hoboken University Medical Center, and I am also the Director of the medical students’ rotation in family medicine. We have students rotating from New York Medical College and Ross University School of Medicine. I meet with the students on a weekly basis and instruct them in quality assurance measures and research initiatives.

Sophie Pierog, MD
I am the pediatrician of the program. I was formerly a neonatologist in the New York City Hospital System and then the Chair of the Pediatric Residency Program at Jersey City Medical Center.

I now act as the pediatric curriculum coordinator and consultant for the residents’ pediatric patients. Since we are also the “School Physician” for the Hoboken School System and Health Start Program, the residents have the opportunity to assist in all student health program issues, including sports physicals and other community preventive health programs. My long experience in practicing pediatrics and teaching residents about the child patient has been very satisfying and rewarding. I always welcome the opportunity to show the residents that they can have a major impact on children and their families, promoting a “Medical Home,” ensuring that children are healthy and reaching their full potential.

Harini Kumar, MD
I am proud to be a New Jerseian, being raised in West Windsor, NJ and attending medical school at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson. Here I developed an interest in urban underserved medicine, while working in student run clinics in Camden, NJ. I completed my residency in Family and Social Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, NY. I developed a passion for education and teaching that led me to the faculty development fellowship at Montefiore. Through this fellowship, I improved my teaching skills through a wide range of activities across the medical education continuum. I spent time teaching in both the classroom and clinic setting. I also completed a Master’s level certificate in medical education, through which I acquired skills in both curriculum development and evaluation. My fellowship educational research project involved implementing and evaluating a curriculum on the topic of building resident comfort in communication skills during the gynecological exam.

I am excited to be a new faculty member here at Hoboken University Medical Center. I am eager to work on curriculum development and education scholarship activities. I look forward to teaching both residents and students, and helping to inspire the next generation of family physicians!

Giuliana Capone, Psy.D.
As a clinical psychologist, it is exciting to teach the family medicine residents, students, and staff about the psychological aspects of a patient’s being. Physical and emotional characteristics are intertwined and it is essential for family medicine physicians to understand the connection between the two. Residents develop a growing understanding of how to treat the “whole” person. As the Director of Behavioral Medicine, I encourage residents to engage in psychological exploration of the self and the patient. As a clinician, I have extensive experience working with individuals with serious mental illness, substance abuse, trauma and rehabilitation psychology.

OB/GYN Faculty
Dineasha Potter-McQuilkin, MD FACOG

I was born and raised in Hudson County, so it is very exciting for me to be involved with the Family Medicine Residency Program here at Hoboken University Medical Center. I completed my residency training at Drexel University College of Medicine/St. Peter’s University Hospital program after which I became board certified in Ob/Gyn. I enjoy teaching the residents about prenatal care, office gynecology, infertility, contraception and preconception counseling. I encourage the residents to gain knowledge in all aspects of Women’s Health which will aid them in becoming a very competent family physician.

Osbert Fernandez, M.D.
I am double-boarded both in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Family Medicine. I am a member of the faculty of the NYMC Family Medicine Residency Program at HUMC of which I am an alumnus. I performed a residency in OB/GYN after completing my family medicine training at HUMC. It was a joy for me to return to “my program” to assist in the education of the family medicine residents. The family medicine residents perform their OB/GYN rotations with me at the Neighborhood Health Center and at HUMC. I am very happy to work closely with the residents and share my knowledge and expertise with them. My particular areas of interest are medical management of missed abortion, endometriosis, high- risk obstetrics and laparoscopy.

Contact information

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