The following are some comments from our 2013 graduates:

Mohammad Miqbel, MD
Interests in Medicine: Primary Care and Preventive Medicine
Hobbies: Reading, food exploration, and football
Why I would recommend this program: “Our program is unopposed. The program offers vast opportunities to explore unique areas of interest within primary care. Most importantly, the faculty, staff and fellow residents create a great atmosphere to learn the art of medicine. As an alumnus of this training program, I feel equipped with all the necessary skills and confidence to practice medicine.”

Neema Naik, MD
Interests in Medicine: Preventive Medicine
Hobbies: Traveling and cooking
Why I would recommend this program: “I had a wonderful experience at HUMC family medicine residency program. I felt the staff was extremely supportive and eager to help and teach. I would highly recommend this program to any aspiring family physician.”

Anna Ramirez, MD
Interests in Medicine: Preventive Medicine, Women’s Health
Hobbies: Outdoor activities, traveling, going to the beach, museums, watching movies and going to operas and shows. I like Zumba, Yoga and Pilates. I also enjoy listening to good music.
Favorite quote: “And, when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” — Paulo Coelho, the Alchemist
Why I would recommend this program: “We have outstanding residents who support and encourage one another. Our faculty is passionate about resident education. We have an exceptional breadth and depth of clinical experiences, from preventive, sports medicine, women’s health to pediatrics. There is individualized attention to each resident’s career and life needs, with faculty advisors, program director, chief residents, and staff available to mentor, guide and assist. Resident input is valued and used to optimize the resident experience. In addition, Hoboken is vibrant, has short commute times, excellent schools, safe and diverse neighborhoods, a large population of young professionals, and a full spectrum of urban, recreational, and outdoor activities. If I had to do all over again, I would choose HUMC as my residency program.”

Jules Williams, MD
Interests in Medicine: Global Medicine, Women’s and Children’s Health, Minor Surgical Procedures
Hobbies: Reading, Travel Photography
Favorite Quote: “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” — Henry David Thoreau
What I would recommend this program: “The camaraderie among the residents, and the supportive network for both personal and professional growth.”

Shiraz Yusaf, MD
Interests in Medicine: Preventive medicine, International medicine
Hobbies: Cartooning, photography
About Why I would recommend this program: “I am proud to be a part of this great program. The unopposed nature of our program will prepare residents to thrive in any existing medical setting and health care system. I had the pleasure of working with a great faculty and an amazing friendly group of residents and also got to serve the health needs of a multi-cultural, diverse population. I highly recommend our program to any aspiring physician.”

Our Graduates from a Few Years Back . . .
We are exceptionally proud of our alumni. Many of them have acquired fellowships in Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, or OB/GYN and some have pursued Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist Medicine as well. We are also extremely proud of our graduates who have entered the armed forces and are serving our country in the Air Force and in the Army.

We are very happy that many of them have remained on staff at our hospital and are practicing in Hoboken and its neighboring communities. We also have graduates practicing in many states, such as New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, Georgia, Virginia, Iowa, California, Texas, Washington and Tennessee. We even have a graduate practicing in London, England!

Several have gone into Academic Medicine and teach residents and medical students at medical centers in metropolitan areas. We have been fortunate enough to maintain a few of our outstanding residents to join our clinical faculty here as well and four of our former graduates have gone on to become program directors and associate directors.

We consider our program to be a “family” and our graduates are all members of our family. We maintain contact with the alumni through newsletters and surveys to keep abreast of their activities and to inform them of our growth.

Below is a sampling of comments from some of our recent graduates.

Suniel Khemlani, MD
Class of 2012
Group Practice in California
“The main thing that I enjoyed about this program is the fact that the program is unopposed. It gave me the full clinical experience in the different fields that family medicine touches, such as OB/GYN and surgery. The staff and fellow residents were what helped me further in my experience and knowledge of medicine.”

Dipesh Patel, MD
Class of 2012
Group Practice in Florida
“At Hoboken University Medical Center the resident had a very nurturing environment that provided plenty of opportunity to grow as a physician. The faculty was very easy to approach with any questions or concerns, and they catered to our individual interests during residency. Moreover, the residents shared a very strong camaraderie that made the residency experience that much more enjoyable both in and out of the hospital. The program prepared me very well, and I am able to handle the ever-changing landscape of medicine. I am very happy to have been a resident at HUMC and I would highly recommend the residency program to any aspiring family physician!”

Syed Sirajuddin, MD
Class of 2012
Group Practice, Bayonne, NJ
“When I began the search for the residency program best suited for me, I was looking for the perfect blend of an excellent teaching staff and a comfortable and supportive environment in which to train. At Hoboken University Medical Center I found just that. Under the guidance of our attendings, as well as the cooperation and dedication of the residents, I feel I had all that was necessary to take this experience to its full potential. I had the pleasure of working alongside an amazing group of residents, who became more friends than colleagues. It was not unusual to find us socializing together after work; whether that be dinner, a good game of basketball or even an occasional ski trip. I really felt privileged to have been a part of this program.”

Natasha Rowe, MD
Class of 2011
Military Medicine — USAF, Panama City, FL
“My experience at HUMC began as a medical student. I was so impressed with the degree of autonomy the residents had and their relationship with the attending physicians that I wanted to do my residency there, and the three years I spent as a resident were very fulfilling. I rotated through a wide range of medical specialties which exposed me to the full spectrum of family medicine. I had a great experience working closely with all the attending physicians, residents and staff. They were always supportive and eager to assist. I also got the opportunity to shadow one of the program’s graduates in her private practice. This was a special opportunity because she was a third year resident when I rotated there as a medical student. It was wonderful to work with her again and see how she was using her training to take care of her patients. I value the training I received at HUMC and I would greatly recommend the program to any future family physician.”

Darilo Chirino, MD
Class of 2009
Private Practice — Family Medicine, Hollywood, FL
“It was a wonderful opportunity to be an HUMC resident. The staff is excellent from the attending physicians to the nurses. Our residency director, Dr. Jacobs, is very approachable. The residents receive great support from the administrative staff. It is like a big family. The training is excellent and gives you the necessary tools to be a solid physician once you graduate. It was great to be close to Manhattan. If I had to do my residency training over again, it would be at this program.”

Larisa Shpitalnik, MD
Class of 2009
Academic Family and Social Medicine — Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY
“Home, sweet home…What can be better than being together with your family at home? Just one thing: when your home extends to your work. That was my case in residency. I came from Israel, where I was a surgeon and together with changing countries, I wanted to change my specialty. Unfortunately, I came too late to be accepted into the HUMC Family Medicine Program that year. I had to wait and so I began a year of surgical residency in the United States. The next year I applied again to the HUMC Family Medicine Program and was fortunate enough to be selected. What can I tell you? Yes, you work hard. But what makes our residency unique? It has a combination of autonomy, good team work, teaching, doctor’s responsibility from the first day of your residency and the ability to ask questions and be answered in a professional way. Good friends, lovely hospital, and coffee! How good was the coffee that we made in our residency lounge…? I made my way from intern to resident to chief resident to faculty attending. You can do it too. Enjoy my program and good luck to be accepted into my sweet home – HUMC.”

Imane Bentahar, MD
Class of 2008
Private Practice — Family Medicine, Cedar Rapids, IA
“My experience at the HUMC Family Medicine Program was wonderful. This is a program where the environment is very friendly, the program director and faculty are approachable and the array of exposure to different aspects of family medicine is large. Whatever your career goal is, you’ll find great support and opportunities to achieve it. Another big plus is the location: Hoboken is a unique place where the charm of a small cozy town mixes nicely with the excitement of New York City just across the river! Being now in Iowa, I miss that. I’m grateful for the solid training I got, the countless support from the faculty and administration and the priceless friendship with all the residents. If I had to reapply, this program would definitely be my choice.”

Dhrumil Shah, MD
Class of 2008
Private Practice — Family Medicine, Boston, MA
“In a life long journey of professional training to become a family physician; the three years that I spent at the HUMC program were very instrumental towards my professional career. My residency training with the faculty, co-residents and all the nursing and supporting staff was all about who we truly are as family physicians. Only because of my versatile and comprehensive training experience at my residency program am I now able to work as a family physician in an office setting which includes in patient, nursery and pediatric services. I also provide inpatient services to nursing home residents. I could not have asked for any better training than this.”

Arifa Siddiqui, MD
Class of 2008
Full-time Ambulatory Medicine, IN
“Residency life was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Residency training can be hard anywhere you do it, but having a family atmosphere at HUMC made it a great place to work and learn. My husband and I started our residency training at the same time in two different residency programs and my husband had a more demanding schedule than I did. Our program director, Dr. Jacobs, was excellent and our friendly faculty understood my family situation and made my schedule flexible enough for me to take care of my child during my residency training. I thank everyone for their teaching and their help. I miss all of my preceptors, especially Dr. Murphy, since I am doing full-time out patient medicine and he guided and taught me a great deal of ambulatory medicine while he was my preceptor at the Center for Family Health. If you are looking for a nurturing, supportive and academically stimulating program, I encourage you to join our program.”

Nicole Tully, MD
Class of 2008
Private Practice — Women’s Health, Hoboken, NJ
“I was intricately involved with the residency program long before I became a resident. As a medical student I had the opportunity to come to Hoboken for my family medicine rotation and immediately knew that it would be a great place to spend the next 3 years of my life. And so I did. I had a wonderful experience where I worked first hand with attending physicians to learn about all of the different specialties in medicine. It was a small program where the entire medical staff knew who we were and treated us with great respect. The staff, the faculty and the residents were helpful, happy and supportive. The connections that I made through my residency took me to where I am working now, in Hoboken with a very successful practice.”

Bianca Chiara, MD
Class of 2007
Family Medicine — Private Practice, Hoboken, NJ
“As a medical student I had the opportunity to rotate through the HUMC program. My six weeks convinced me this was where I wanted to train. Approachable faculty, a genuinely caring staff, and a real family vibe between the residents turned me on to the program immediately. As a hospital with no other medical specialty residents, I didn’t have to fight for cases or procedures. They were as abundant as I wanted them to be. Since graduating, I have opened my own practice in town, just a few blocks from the hospital, and the continued support I’ve received for this endeavor has been priceless.”

Jose Gonzalez, MD
Class of 2007
Fellowship in Geriatrics: University of Miami
Private Practice — Miami, FL
“I should start by saying that the mixture of variety in clinical practice, protective time for academia and the unique one-to-one interaction with experienced faculty provides a set of strong tools to practice in any type of setting. In my case, I felt very well-rounded going into a geriatrics fellowship in a university-based program after graduating from HUMC and competent enough to become a faculty member in the field of geriatrics. I am very proud to be a HUMC graduate and will always highly recommend this program to anyone who really wants to become an outstanding physician.”

Bindhu Thomas MD
Class of 2007
Fellowship in Geriatrics: Columbia University/Allen Hospital (NY)
Division of Geriatric Medicine and Aging Hospital Based Practice
“I am very proud to be an alumnus of HUMC. The incredible learning experience at the HUMC Family Medicine Residency Program was a combination of multiple factors. First, the attentive faculty provided a dedicated environment for learning and self-exploration of your clinical and personal growths. This comes from the fact we were a small group and they were able to provide individual attention. The supporting staff, I must say, at the clinic and hospital complimented immensely to our growth. The academic environment set a great precedent to obtaining a geriatric fellowship and consequently a faculty position. My role is varied. I provide inpatient, outpatient, and palliative care services for our geriatric population. I am involved in teaching medicine interns, and students. I also serve as the Medical Director of an affiliated nursing home. I will always recommend this program to anyone who truly identifies him/herself as an exceptional learner and a caring physician.”

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