Message from the Program Director


Welcome to the New York Medical College Family Medicine Residency at CarePoint Health Hoboken University Medical Center. You are choosing the amazing field of Family Medicine where we are the “quarterback” and coaches for our patients care. You will have the opportunity to make a tremendous difference in the lives of the people you will meet both colleagues and patients. Our philosophy is that we learn together and there is much to learn in family medicine. You will be a valued member of the team and your voice is important.

Every year we receive over a thousand applications to our residency. We select eight residents for the class. Since we are building a team, we look for residents who can work well together. We cherish diversity — cultural, life experiences, beliefs — so that we can create the richest learning environment.

Our goal is to train the best family physicians. We look for individuals who are highly motivated, enthusiastic about learning and caring for patients, rigorously honest, self-reflective and willing to work hard. In return you are part of a caring, supportive family of educators who are committed to your wellbeing as a learner and a person. Everyone has their own path and we work diligently to help you become the family physician you aspire to be – to make that dream come true.

Thanks for your interest in our program.

Message from the CEO

Family Medicine: A significant part of our proud past and a vital part of our bright future.

walker_PaulFamily Medicine was a newly identified specialty when our hospital, then called St. Mary’s Hospital, opened its residency program over 30 years ago. We were one of the first medical centers in the Metropolitan area to recognize the importance of Family Medicine. This was yet another step along the road of outstanding quality patient care initiated by the physicians who established the first organized medical staff on record in New Jersey in the late 1800s.

Today’s Family Medicine Residency Program here at CarePoint Health Hoboken University Medical Center is far different in content and activities than it was in the early years, but its policies and philosophy are unchanged. Simply, they are to provide the highest possible level of hands-on experience with a diversity of patients under the guidance of competent and caring instructors.

Hospital administrators and members of the medical staff realize that Family Medicine is the solid core of patient care today and it is expected to become even more vital in the future. Residents are welcomed throughout the hospital and their activities are integrated into every program. While teaching you, we learn from you, and everyone is better off because of the synergy.

Hoboken offers so many advantages to homeowners, renters and businesses, as well as so many attractions for visitors, that people are drawn here from all over the world. They bring with them a complexity of needs and expectations, so that those who learn health care here gain a breadth of experience that can’t be duplicated elsewhere. Of course, those same advantages and attractions are exciting for resident physicians and their families who will find this area a wonderful place to live and work.

In my many years as a hospital administrator, I’ve worked in a variety of places — from small community hospitals to huge academic medical centers, from the heat of Florida to the winters of Philadelphia, and I have never found another place that offered the warm welcome and exciting opportunities found here at CarePoint Health Hoboken University Medical Center. I hope you will consider gaining your residency experience here, and I think we will both be pleased and proud that you made that choice.

Paul A. Walker, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer
CarePoint Health Hoboken University Medical Center

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