Humans are multidimensional beings endowed with personal worth and dignity possessing strengths that can be mobilized to meet needs throughout the life cycle. Needs are hierarchical and serve as motivators of behavior.

Society encompasses the environment in which individuals strive to achieve their potential. The environment consists of a family, work, social groups, and the global community. The common interest of shared norms, values, and mores impact on growth. Humans and society are in a continuous process of evolving. As one interacts with the environment, behavior communicates beliefs, values, and needs. Knowledge enables individuals to make informed choices.

Health is a changing phenomenon, affected by interactions among physical, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural, and environmental factors. It occurs on a continuum from wellness to illness. Wellness exists when the individual is able to function at his or her optimal health potential.

The Practice of Nursing utilizes the nursing process to maximize health potential. It is grounded in ethical, legal, and spiritual values and shaped by the belief that humans are multidimensional. Nursing is practiced creatively and collaboratively. With this foundation, nurses commit themselves to caring in a compassionate manner.

Nursing Education is a collaborative process between teachers and learners in which there is an exchange of ideas. The teacher as a facilitator maximizes learning to affect a change in behavior. Behavioral changes occur when the student has learned. Students are expected to participate actively in the educational process, to think critically and to be self-directed. Learning as a lifelong process is valued and required.

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