More than 100 years ago, Alice Rowland and Abby Marshall donated their family home, the Story Mansion on Chestnut Avenue (now East 30 Street) to become the Bayonne Hospital and Dispensary in memory of their father, Rufus Story. On March 3, 1890 the $17,000 facility was officially opened. It housed male, female, and maternity wards, a nursery, and a dispensary. Just one year later in 1891, the School of Nursing was founded and had its first graduation in 1893. At the time, the staff consisted of a house doctor, a staff nurse, and three nursing students.

Over the years, both the Hospital and the School have undergone numerous changes and expansions as both organizations sought to bring quality health care to the community they serve. Some notable landmarks included :

1908 - The Hospital expanded to provide for two additional wards, nine private rooms, an emergency room, X-ray room, laboratory, delivery room, and operating room.

1912 - The School received its first official approval by the New Jersey Board of Nursing.

1958 - The Hospital completed another expansion, which brought the bed capacity to 260.

1973 - The School established an affiliation with St. Peter’s College so that students began to receive college credit for some course work.

1981 - The opening of the Horace K. Roberson Pavilion added a psychiatric unit to the Hospital and established its ICU/CCU as state-of-the-art. The school revised its curriculum to provide a career ladder program for LPNs who wished to pursue RN licensure.

1989 - The school of nursing expanded its program to include generic students as well as LPNs.

1991 - the Anselmo M. Brache Renal Dialysis Center was established in the hospital.

1993 - The Lorraine M. LaPilusa Pavilion, one of the most sophisticated cancer treatment facilities in New Jersey, was dedicated.

1997 - The Rose Bevy Chashin Center for Cardiac Rehabilitation expanded and relocated and a cardiac catheterization program was added. A two-story addition was added to the hospital, housing Same Day Surgery/Endoscopy Medical Suites and the Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging Pavilion. The hospital also affiliated with Atlantic Health System, one of the largest health care systems in New Jersey.

1998 - The Hospital opened a 17-bed Transitional Care Unit and The Hudson County Senior Healthcare Center at Kensington in Jersey City. The school received Board of Nursing approval for a new program, in which students receive an Associate in Science Degree from Hudson County Community College in addition to the Bayonne Medical Center School of Nursing Diploma.

2002 - Bayonne Hospital changed its name to Bayonne Medical Center to more accurately reflect the clinical superiority and strategic plan of the organization. Over the years, Bayonne Medical Center and the Bayonne Medical Center School of Nursing have provided leadership and excellence in community-based health care service and education. We now invite you to join with us as we continue this proud tradition into the new millennium.

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