Educational Outcomes
Upon completion of the Diploma and Associate Nursing in Science Degree, the Graduate will:

  1. Manage care in a patient-centered and culturally sensitive manner.
  2. Interrelate evidenced-based practice from nursing and other disciplines when providing patient care.
  3. Perform all learned skills safely and communicate appropriately with all members of the health care team.
  4. Utilize critical thinking in the decision-making process.
  5. Incorporate teaching into the plan of care taking into account patient and family learning styles.
  6. Work with members of the interdisciplinary team to provide comprehensive patient care through written, verbal and electronic communication among disciplines.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to organize, prioritize and delegate patient care.
  8. Practice in a legal, ethical and professional manner.
  9. Document and plan patient care utilizing available technological supports.

Program Outcomes
Bayonne Medical Center School of Nursing pass rate for NCLEX-RN will be at or above the national mean for first time takers.

  • 50% of students entering the first nursing course will graduate within three (3) years.
  • 85% of graduates of the Bayonne Medical Center School of Nursing will agree that they are satisfied with the program.
  • 85% of employers will agree that they are satisfied with the graduate’s performance.
  • 85% of graduates will be employed within six (6) months post graduation.

Contact information

  • Bayonne Medical Center School of Nursing69-71 New Hook Road
    69-71 New Hook Road
    Bayonne NJ 07002
    Phone: 201.339.9656