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Cancer Care: Quality and Caring in Diagnosing and Treatment

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. At CarePoint Health, our board-certified surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists; specialized oncology nurses; social workers; and nutritionists work as one seamless team to provide quality, individualized care to patients within a supportive and healing environment.

Throughout CarePoint Health, we offer the latest technology and equipment to support our outstanding team of oncologists and other medical staff. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment including linear accelerators; radiation therapy simulators; IMRT, BAT, and 3D treatment planning computers; low-dose rate prostate seed implants; and HDR Brachytherapy — some of the most powerful weapons in the battle against cancer.


Our physicians use state-of-the-art screening and diagnostic modalities to locate and treat cancer. These include Computed Tomography Scans (CT), Positron Emission Tomography scans (PET), and CT-guided bronchoscopy to evaluate cancerous tumors in the lung, liver, head, and neck. We also offer genetic testing and counseling for patients at high-risk of breast and colon cancer.


Our teams of physicians, nurses and other specialists treat many forms of cancer, including, brain, breast, colorectal, esophagus, gynecologic (cervical, ovarian, and uterine), kidney, liver, lung, pancreas, prostate, skin, stomach.

Outpatient oncology.  CarePoint Health outpatient oncology departments provide infusions and other related services. Staffed by oncology-certified nurses, our outpatient services include radiation oncology, laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy.

Inpatient oncology. CarePoint Health’s inpatient oncology facilities are designed to meet the special needs of cancer patients.  Patients range from ambulatory chemotherapy patients to those who require symptom management and supportive care for progressive disease. In each location, patients who must be hospitalized can not only find advanced medical care, but also a comforting environment that encourages them to focus on the getting well and find the strength to move forward through treatment. Amenities include spacious living areas with comfortable overnight accommodations for family members.

Patient support. Patients battling cancer, including those undergoing chemotherapy, receive coordinated counseling, expert nursing care, and educational services in a supportive environment. At each CarePoint Health hospital, social workers are available to counsel patients and their families.

Support for the family. CarePoint Health provides extensive emotional and informational resources for families of cancer patients, including support groups, advice for caregivers, and more.