Half of all Americans will experience a mental illness during their lifetime. Mental or emotional problems can impact every aspect of our lives, in some cases impairing our ability to function day to day.

CarePoint Health is committed to improving mental and emotional health through outstanding inpatient and outpatient services for people of all ages. Our clinical specialists create individual treatment plans for a variety of conditions including depression, addiction and eating disorders. Patients can be assured they are meeting with highly qualified, caring staff whose main goal is to help improve their lives. All of our staff members are dedicated to maintaining full discretion and patient confidentiality.

The CarePoint Health Difference

■ Truly coordinated care. We are a network of highly trained psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, activities therapists and other mental health professionals who surround you and your family with expertise and attentiveness. Everyone works together, from the doctor’s office to the hospital to your own home, so that you receive the quality care you need without the frustration and anxiety that too often accompany behavioral issues. Even our insurance plans are closely integrated with your care, so that you can avoid the bureaucratic challenges of dealing with a third-party provider.

■ Top specialists who really care. Leading psychiatrists and other specialists join CarePoint Health because we provide the resources they need to provide the quality of care they’ve always wanted to deliver. They work closely with primary care physicians, hospital doctors and other staff to ensure that you and your important medical information are front and center at all times.

■ Three leading hospitals, united. CarePoint Health brings together three prominent Hudson County hospitals with strong reputations for providing quality behavioral healthcare. Medical and support staff at these facilities share resources and consult across institutions. As a patient, you benefit from the expertise and capabilities of a broad network of specialties.

■ Dedicated to keeping you healthy. Mental and emotional issues are often closely related to physical health. At CarePoint Health, we are focused on keeping you physically as well as mentally healthy. All of our medical professionals emphasize preventive medicine and focus on educating patients on how to make healthy choices that lead to enhanced quality of life.

Important Phone Numbers

Hudson County Rape Crisis Hot line: 201.795.5757

Adult Protective Services: 201.295.4160

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: 1.877.NJ.ABUSE

Postpartum Depression Help line: 1.800.328.3838


Contact information

  • Behavioral Health Services at Hoboken University Medical Center308 Willow Avenue
    Hoboken NJ 07030
    Phone: 201.792.8200