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Behavioral Health: Improving Lives Through Individualized Care

CarePoint Health is committed to improving mental and emotional health through outstanding inpatient and outpatient services for people of all ages. Our clinical specialists create individual treatment plans for a variety of conditions, including depression, addiction, and eating disorders. Clients can be assured that they are meeting with highly qualified, caring staff whose primary goal is helping them improve their lives.

Acute Care Services

Our acute psychiatric emergency services focus on providing rapid, confidential assessments and immediate treatment. Subsequent treatment planning determines the most appropriate follow-up and ongoing care.

HIV/AIDS Support

Through our FAITH Services program, CarePoint Health is committed to delivering comprehensive, quality care to HIV positive patients. We provide care in a manner that ensures understanding, respect, dignity and compassion. Clients receive care and referrals for programs that include medical intervention, medication management, individual and group counseling, as well as other social services.

Center for Geriatric Excellence

Located at Hoboken University Medical Center, the Center for Geriatric Excellence features a staff of top-rated specialists, including a nationally-recognized expert in psychiatry for seniors.

Substance Abuse Programs

CarePoint Health offers a wide-range of programs designed to prevent and treat alcoholism and drug abuse. Support services include individual, group, and family counseling.