CHMG is a “Patient Centered Medical Home”. Patient Centered Medical Home or PCMH is a framework to provide superior medical care that “feels like home”. At the core it is about coordinating the right care, at the right place, at the right time. PCMH is you and your physician assisted by specially trained staff and state of the art health information technology, working to provide you with the best personal care.

A few of the basic concepts and standards used by CHMG include; enhanced access, identification and management of patient health, care management, support of patient self-care, coordination of care, and measurement of patients quality of care.

  • At CHMG, you will have enhanced access to care, such as prompt appointments, telephone consultations, electronic access, and after-hours access.
  • CHMG provides patients with a comprehensive health assessment and up to date clinical information.
  • At CHMG, our specially trained care management teams will identify your health concerns and work with you to develop successful treatment plans. Your care management team will educate you on self-care and community resources.
  • CHMG provides coordination of care including coordination of referrals, testing, and follow-up appointments, while keeping patients informed.
  • At CHMG our goal is your health; we will continually measure your quality of care and always look for room for improvement.