Meatless Monday: 5 Vegetarian Recipes for Spring

We want you to be healthy, wealthy, and wise, so we’re starting off each week with a Meatless Monday recipes. This week we have something a little different for you.

We’ve put together a post of some of favorite meatless blogs for you to look through.  Check them out to be inspired to eat a little healthier!


1. First up, from our dietitian Emily Kim MS, RD, CNSC, a tasty Spaghetti Squash with Kale courtesy of the Pioneer Woman from Tasty Kitchen.

spagehtti squash


2. A perfect green salad made with Quinoa, Avocado, Peas, Pistachio with Coriander Basil Pesto via Journey Kitchen. Nothing sounds better than this salad on a warm spring afternoon in the park.

green salad


3. From Mark Bittman at the New York Times: Curry-Creamed Spinach and Tofu (or Pork) With Potato Crust. Make this meatless on Mondays or save it for another day of the week if you’d like to add pork.

mark bittman

4. For those get up and go mornings from Joy the Baker, try this Spinach, Kiwi, and Chia Seed Smoothie.

 green smoothie

5. And from Editor’s Choice for Special Diets Blogs at Saveur, My New Roots, shares an amazing recipe for vegetable samosas!



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