5 Healthy Links for Easter

This Friday we have an Easter link roundup for you. We’re sharing healthy ways to enjoy Easter from around the internet. Sit back and enjoy these spring treats!


Red and Blue Easter Eggs

Pal Berge/flickr creative commons


First up, from one of our favorite blogs Greatist, 19 Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket. Hardboiled eggs, plastic eggs with dark chocolate, and sidewalk chalk are all easy ways to make things healthy and fun!


For all of those little ones out there, make these yogurt berry popsicle eggs. Cute, festive, and easy to make!


This year, why not dye your eggs with food? Onions, cabbage, and beets can all be used to make natural (and even organic) egg dye! Martha Stewart gives us the recipes.


After dying eggs, and hunting for them, you need to use them for something. Health.com gives us 8 hardboiled egg recipes.



Now the link you’ve all been waiting for, homemade peeps courtesy of the Kitchn! Anything can become healthy when it’s homemade because it can be altered for individual taste, food sensitivities, or to reduce any not so healthy ingredients (like sugar).




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